Embrace Life

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This is a very touching public service announcement (PSA) by the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership, asking people to always wear their seatbelts when in a moving vehicle. Is there an Academy Award for PSAs? If so, this one deserves to be nominated!

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That was beautiful.

It is touching. What really strikes me though is how original it is. One might think we've run out of ways to say, "Hey, wear your seatbelt," but this is fresh and captivating. I like it. Thanks for sharing.

I love your blog (and that gorgeous bird that lives on your home page!). I'm a social sciences person (a sociologist with a Women's Studies concentration), but the last few years, I have become more interested in science, and especially anything to do with birds and flowers. I appreciate the education - and the lovely photographs!

aww, thanks NOLA radfem. i started taking photographs of flowers after a reader bought a camera for me .. flowers moved more slowly than birds, so I started using the macro lens to see just how good the camera is .. it rarely disappoints.

as far as birds go, well, i think that everything we know about people and their behavior is because (i think) birds are our teachers .. by watching birds, us humans are learning how to see better.

Thanks for sharing this video. It's a beautiful ad with a beautiful message. Not only is it about wearing seatbelts, it's also about remembering our loved ones and how much they love us. Embrace life for them as they do for ours.