Vatican Easter Speech

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Just in time for Easter Sunday! Here is an except from the Vatican Easter speech (translated into English, of course). He does forget to mention the hundreds of thousands of children who were raped in His Holy Name (amen), but he does manage to talk about nearly everyone else in the world.

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Many years ago I studied at Munich, and attended a series of lectures on the history of the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages and Early Modernity. The Professor started out his lecture, probably reacting to past criticism, by pointing out that he wasn't Anti-Catholic, just an objective historian. He said he had no problem with faithful Catholics coming into his lectures, and if few of them manage to get back out still being faithful Catholics, it wasn't his fault - it came with the subject matter.

With that background, I have constantly misjudged public reaction in Germany to the widening scandal - because I just had forgotten how many people out there were still expecting moral behaviour from the Church (totally contrary to historical example), I had not expected this level of disappointment and anger. At first I had expected the Church to be easily able to shrug it all off, and it's heartening to see that that might not be the case, after all.

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