Rick Rolling NYC's A Train

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Watching this video of a group of West Coast guys singing a cappella on the A train made me want to cry because I miss NYC, its subways and all the fun people I experienced while riding the A train. I would like to suggest to these guys to try rick rolling the A train between 59th and 125th street instead so they aren't interrupted by the conductor and people having to climb through them while they are performing.

These guys are from the University of Oregon -- next door to my old stomping grounds. They are an all male a cappella ensemble, "On The Rocks." If you are a NYCer, you'll notice this was an uptown-bound A train traveling between Chambers and 14th street.

This song, "Never Going to Give You Up", was featured on On The Rocks' album "The Green Room," which can be purchased here.

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That made me SO HAPPY this morning!!

Nothing says you can't go back sometime, if only on holiday.
Plenty of large and vibrant cities in Europe to visit, too. If you don't have access to a car, there's always the train: Frankfurt seems to be fairly well connected.