Sonnenuntergang, 3

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Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Image: Bob O'Hara, 18 April 2010 [larger view]

Sunset over Frankfurt, as photographed from the bedroom window. This sunset was influenced by the Icelandic volcano, Eyjafjallajökull.

This is probably the last sunset photograph you'll see from Frankfurt that doesn't have a dozen or more (disgustingly ugly!!) contrails messing it up because the latest news is that the eruptions from the Icelandic volcano are slowing down .. and there are some EU flights scheduled starting tomorrow. Since Frankfurt is the busiest airport in the EU outside the UK, this means there will be at least a few contrails in the sky tomorrow.

(Although, let me point out that the Frankfurt airport is nowhere nearly as busy as JFK, nor La Guardia, although I suspect Newark and Frankfurt are roughly as busy as each other).

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