Why Twilight is Popular

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This amusing animated video describes why Twilight books are so popular. For those who don't know, the Twilight series is the story of a "regular girl" who is dating a vampire -- the typical "girl meets boy and falls in love" story.

This video was created by epipheo studios, which has a video-filled site that you will find interesting.

The author's discussion of her Twilight book series, how she came up with the idea and other details (including spoilers).

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I have not read a single Twilight book but my daughter loves them. I am sure that they are similar to the romance novels I used to read and which I proudly admit I outgrew by the time I was in my 20s. This video is on target and they should write a book series and make a lot of money. The video of course leaves out all the symbolism of the Vampire thing.

Ihe books are fantastic!!!!I have read them and i think that they are better from the movies.Ihe actors who play in the movies sometimes don't fit with the character of the books...this books are intresting and make you think about the dangers thata love might show.I am a big fun of twilight and i love Robert Pattinson...!!!!!!!!!!!team EDWARD 4 EVER!!!!^_^

I agree, generally, with the larger points made (Bella is a Mary Sue; self-insertion is the primary reason for readers' interest), but the wording and especially the imagery are disappointingly misogynist.