What Do Disappointed Idealists and Tampon Commercials Have In Common?

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Thanks for letting me know you like that commercial... fu#%ing waste of space

be more cynical of yourself

So... is Tim upset because he likes tampon commercials? Or is pointing out the blatant stereotyping in advertising just offensive to him for some reason?

Oh! Troll. Definitely troll.

By Kenneth McFarlane (not verified) on 09 Jul 2010 #permalink

Love is, especially the 'racially ambiguous' and 'white pants'.

So what? Now I'm supposed to buy your product just because it's "different" and "rebellious" and it points out the commonalities in other tampon commercials?
What the flying f*** is this commercial trying to do?

By Degradation (not verified) on 10 Jul 2010 #permalink

Of course, the reason that you enjoy this commercial is because you're the target audience. And they are still hoping you'll buy their product -- perhaps after seeing this advertisement, you'll consider them a "better" and "more aware" company. And of course, having a commercial like this running is a great way to take the steam out of your competition's current advertising campaigns (what's the betting that some other companies will be quickly scrambling to get some commercials up that don't have girls in white pants?), so that's a nice side-benefit.

The trouble really is that such advertising campaigns DO work. They're very effective at catching the attention of anyone with a little bit of media/culture studies in their background. Less effective at catching true skeptics and those with a background in advanced critical theory techniques, but still ... it's a bit of an underhanded trick. "Look how different we are; conform with us".