Neurophilosophy now hosted by The Guardian


AFTER four years here at, Neurophilosophy is moving to a new home. As of today, it will be hosted by The Guardian.

During its time here, the blog has grown from strength to strength. It has received over 2.5 million page views, was featured regularly on the New York Times science page, and has been translated into about a dozen languages. It has also enabled me to earn a living as a freelance science writer for the past two years.

Thanks to everyone here at ScienceBlogs and especially to all my readers. I hope you'll continue reading. The URL for the new blog is: and the feed is here:; and here's my first post, 'The illlusion of attention.'


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Congratulations on the move. I will continue to follow your wonderful blog at The Guardian. Keep up the excellent work!

Heartiest congratulations! Thank you for all of the wonderfully written posts, which I'm sure make a lot of neuroscience laymen (like me) return time and again to read more!