Jellyfish and Vermin: The Future of Food?

With the shortages and environmental impacts of global meat (including ocean meat, aka seafood), perhaps we should be turning to introduced rodents and insects for future meals. We might be forced to turn to jellyfish, too. Check out the jellyfish burger that artist Dave Beck and I created -- now on display in a Discover gallery piece on whether Vermin is the Meat of the Future.


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I can taste the tingle of nematocysts already.

By natural cynic (not verified) on 08 Jul 2009 #permalink

Sponge Bob, the way of the future.

This is amazing! I absolutely love this stuff. Beautiful and powerful graphic work and conceptual...

I would be willing to bet $20 on which forward thinking fast food hamburger franchise will eventually feature a 'Vermin or Jellyfish Burger.'

Thank you for altering for eternity my perception of television commercials featuring rational-burgers, and normal people eating them.

Crunchy insects don't sound so bad. And worm meat can be good.