"Carnivorous Calamari" Retire in San Diego

The blue-haired head south to La Jolla shores in the winter while the summertime is prone to a different migration. Jumbo Humboldt squid now make their way north. This weekend, San Diego's coast has been swarmed by schools of the 5-foot squid, which have upset divers and local beach goers. There is no mention in the recent articles of the reasons for the squid invasion -- likely a result of overfishing and warmer waters. But there was a nice example of the strong commodification of marine life with this article at the Huffington Post, which included in its title the phrase: Carnivorous Calamari.


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Just admit that no one knows exactly why Humboldt squid are expanding their range. Sure, there are numerous scientists working on various hypotheses of why this is happening but for you to play expert and say "--likely this is a result of overfishing" is such a crock pot thing to say as a scientist. This is just like the giant Jellyfish - IT MUST BE OVERFISHING!! That is NOT science - its your own bullshit opinion.

You just commodified jellyfish in 3 posts back! Stop pointing fingers!

By Commodiification (not verified) on 23 Jul 2009 #permalink

and for what sport are these getting killed by the masses?? why not just let them be??