Prometheus gets a makeover

So, Pielke Jr's blog, Prometheus has a new look. Congratulations!

But just a minute...they have also changed the URL's of all the past postings, thereby breaking the links to to all things Roger in the climate debate blogosphere. And Roger at best is unconcerned, but most likely prefers it that way, judging from his answer to my question as to whether it will remain so. "Gee, I don't know."

Hmm. Why would they do that?

All the internal links have been updated, so his favorite reference sources (himself) can still be clicked, but all of the blog responses to his writings now have broken links and trackbacks are gone.

Still wearing my tinfoil hat from a couple of days ago, it is hard to think clearly, so I just cannot come up with any good reasons to do it that way, nor any technical ones that would make that unavoidable.

Maybe this is an attempt at a clean start, after the battering he took some weeks ago, I don't know.

One wonders...

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