Rhetoric vs Reality or McCain vs Renewable energy

John McCain like to talk about renewable energy and flash photos of windfarms like this one in his campaign ads, but does he actually support wind and solar energy development? He also vapidly criticised congress for being on holiday - "Tell them to come back and get to work!" - and not fixing the energy crisis. But in an NYT Op-ed, Tom Freidman details McCain's glaring failure to back his words with actions. i-62bf73cf8da0a3631c07aed521636d78-windfarm.jpg

Recently there was a critical vote that would have renewed desparately needed tax credits for wind and solar development, the failure of which has halted many projects that can not be finished by the end of htis year when the credits expire.

Senator McCain did not show up for the crucial vote on July 30, and the renewable energy bill was defeated for the eighth time. In fact, John McCain has a perfect record on this renewable energy legislation. He has missed all eight votes over the last year -- which effectively counts as a no vote each time. Once, he was even in the Senate and wouldn't leave his office to vote.

Read the NYT article for more details.

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