Inside an Antarctic Time Machine

Most of us interested in climate science understand the uniqueness and importance of deep ice cores. It is truly a remarkable record of many aspects of past climate including dust, methane, sea level proxies and carbon dioxide.

The video below (a YouTubed TED Talk)is a very fascinating look at what it takes to retrieve one.

(warning, the last 3 or four minutes are a Rolex commercial)

Cheers to Thingsbreak for posting it where I could see it!

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This is a fascinating video. There seems to be so much information about the warming of the Arctic but there is very little written in popular magazines about the Antarctic.
Thank you for posting this.

Huh. I had no idea that, in the 1940's, Rolex actually made pretty good-looking watches. They trend toward flashy and ugly today. I wouldn't buy one even if I won the lottery, but still.

Oh, and the ice cores' story was cool too. My mind is appropriately blown by analysis in parts per quadrillion...

I notice the Koch-bros funded Cato Institute did not provide any scientists nor do any of the work.

But the dumb mainstream media will give them 50% of time vs all the other scientists whatever's left over.

It's our duty to write angry emails and directly confront journalists and editors that participate in these kind of direct attacks on humanity.

Yay to scienceblogs for their part in the War on Ignorance!

Interesting read.

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