A new way from the Old World?

I don't like Prince Charles much, but that is just because of all the gossip the world was exposed to when Lady Di still walked this earth, so I can hardly be sure if he deserves that feeling.

So what? Well, it seems Charles is very into eco-friendly sustainability and all that dirty hippy stuff. I was offered a free copy of his new book "Harmony."

Below is an exerpt from HarmonyTheMovie.com

Harmony Movie Trailer from Balcony Films on Vimeo.

Does anyone know anything about it? Should I get a copy for review?

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He's very into environmentalism, but in a very woo-ish, traditional-is-always-better sort of way.

He does some good stuff, but he's completely soft in the head: promoting woo like homeopathy as well as a totally delusional idea of a soft-and-cuddly Islam.

I used to eat his "Duchy Originals" food: meat and dairy mostly, but also pre-made soups and some grain products like oatmeal biscuits.
It's the only time I've ever spent 15pounds buying one dead chicken! Bloody nice chicken though.

By Vince Whirlwind (not verified) on 17 Nov 2010 #permalink

He is a man in a powerful position and does have influence on some people. Thus I think it would be useful to review his book to see what he is saying and how useful and or unhelpful his suggestions and beliefs are.

His ideas are not useful.

His prominent position in society is unearned, unasked for, and he should be unwelcome to use it.