Another Week of GW News, October 30, 2011

Logging the Onset of The Bottleneck Years

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Another Week in the Ecological Crisis

Logging the Onset of The Bottleneck Years

October 30, 2011

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    Here's a chuckle for ya:

  1. 2011/10/27: JMToons: (cartoon - Mohr) How to market deforestation
  2. 2011/10/24: DailyKos: (cartoon - TomTom) Breaking News: Povert Eliminated
  3. 2011/10/27: SeattlePI: (cartoon - Horsey) Separating the truly scary from the bogus frights
  4. 2011/10/27: TI:CF: (cartoon - Roberts) A Design for Life
  5. 2011/10/27: TI:CF: (cartoon - Roberts) Pre-Occupied
  6. 2011/10/29: TP:JR: (cartoons - Peters?) Solar Cartoon(s) of the Day
  7. 2011/10/29: PeakEnergy: (cartoon - Pett?) A Better World?

    Looking ahead to COP17 and future international climate negotiations:

  8. COP17/CMP7 - Durban
  9. UNFCCC: The United Nations Climate Change Conference in Durban, South Africa, COP 17 / CMP 7, 28 November - 9 December 2011
  10. 2011/10/27: ERabett: China follows up India in committing to being better than US on per-capita emissions
  11. 2011/10/24: PlanetArk: U.N. Completes Draft Of Green Climate Fund: Official
  12. 2011/10/27: PlanetArk: China Urges Way Out Of "Deadlock" In Durban Climate Talks

    The Rogelj et al. paper provides an ominous note heading into Durban:

  13. 2011/10/23: NatureCC: (ab$) Emission pathways consistent with a 2°C global temperature limit by Joeri Rogelj et al.
  14. 2011/10/24: UMelbourne: Global warming target to stay below 2 degrees requires more action this decade
    Climate scientists say the world's target to stay below a global warming of 2 degrees, made at the United Nations conference in Copenhagen in 2009 and Cancun 2010 will require decisive action this decade.
  15. 2011/10/23: IPSNews: Durban May Be Last Chance to Stabilise Climate Under Two Degrees
    The window to limit global warming to less than two degrees C is closing so fast it can be measured in months, a new scientific analysis [Rogelj et al.] revealed Sunday.
  16. 2011/10/24: ABC(Au): Temperature targets slipping away: study
    Carbon economy The international community will not meet agreed temperature targets unless it puts the brakes on current levels of carbon emissions now, warn climate scientists. The team of scientists led by Dr Joeri Rogelj from the Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science in Zurich, analysed emission scenarios to identify the likelihood of limiting global temperature rises to 2°C above pre-industrial levels.
  17. 2011/10/23: SciNow: Bleak Prospects for Avoiding Dangerous Global Warming
  18. 2011/10/23: Reuters: Warming could exceed safe levels in this lifetime - report
    Global temperature rise could exceed "safe" levels of two degrees Celsius in some parts of the world in many of our lifetimes if greenhouse gas emissions continue to increase, two research papers published in the journal Nature warned.
  19. Maplecroft released their Climate Change and Environment Risk Atlas this week:

  20. 2011/10/27: PlanetArk: Asia, Africa Megacities Top Climate Change Risk Survey
  21. 2011/10/26: Guardian(UK): Map reveals stark divide in who caused climate change and who's being hit
  22. 2011/10/26: Maplecroft: World's fastest growing populations increasingly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change -- 4th global atlas reports
    Calcutta, Dhaka, Jakarta and Manila rated 'extreme risk' in study of climate change vulnerability The fourth release of Maplecroft's Climate Change and Environment Risk Atlas includes a new Climate Change Vulnerability Index (CCVI)...
  23. 2011/10/26: CNN: 'Risk Atlas' assesses climate vulnerability
    New report assesses vulnerability of different nations to climate change effects - Areas with fastest growing populations most at risk from environmental impacts - Megacities in Asia and Africa most threatened including Calcutta and Addis Ababa - United Nations launch youth focus on eve of seventh billion population milestone
  24. The implications of BEST are still echoing around the net:

  25. 2011/10/22: TPMDC: Climate Change Deniers Abandon 'Befuddled Warmist' Physicist Who Came Around On Global Warming
  26. 2011/10/24: GreenGrok: Global Warming: Flip Flopping on the Trees, But What About the Forest?
  27. 2011/10/28: Tamino: Decadal Variations and AMO - Part II
  28. 2011/10/26: CDreams: The War Against Climate Science Unravels
  29. 2011/10/26: TCoE: The BEST brouhaha
  30. 2011/10/26: Grist: Climate scientists to reformed skeptic: 'Duh'
  31. 2011/10/26: ClimateShifts: Polite professional responses -- from the experts
  32. 2011/10/25: ClimateShifts: Oops -- its real after all
  33. 2011/10/25: CCP: Peter Sinclair's Climate Denial Crock of the Week: Bad, Badder, BEST [Richard Muller]
  34. 2011/10/25: PSinclair: Deniers Eat Their Own in BEST Feeding Frenzy
  35. 2011/10/25: moyhu: BEST has same data as GHCN pre-1850
  36. 2011/10/25: TP:JR: WashPost: "The Scientific Finding that Settles the Climate-Change Debate" and "Confirms" the Hockey Stick Graph
  37. 2011/10/25: WaPo: The scientific finding that settles the climate-change debate
  38. 2011/10/24: RealClimate: Berkeley earthquake called off
  39. 2011/10/24: Tamino: Decadal Variations and AMO, Part I
  40. 2011/10/24: PSinclair: Spinning and Armwaving: Deniers Decide How Best to Deny BEST
  41. 2011/10/24: Grist: Climate deniers refuse to accept skeptical scientists' results
  42. 2011/10/23: ERabett:JF: BEST outburst: another blow to global warming rejectionism
  43. 2011/10/24: HotTopic: You're (not) the BEST thing
  44. 2011/10/23: Tamino: Fake Skeptic Criticism of "Decadal Variations in the Global Atmospheric Land Temperatures"
  45. 2011/10/23: GreenFyre: Global Warming is real (according to Dellingpole)
  46. 2011/10/22: WiC: A skeptical physicist ends up confirming climate data

    The Occupy Wall Street movement resonates with many environmentalists:

  47. 2011/10/28: QuarkSoup: [pic] If the Climate Were a Bank....
  48. 2011/10/29: Grist: Occupy Wall Street plans green Sunday
  49. 2011/10/27: CCurrents: Occupy Earth: Nature Is The 99%, Too
  50. 2011/10/27: AlterNet: How the 1% Pillage the Environment
  51. 2011/10/27: EnergyBulletin: Occupy Earth: nature is the 99%, too
  52. 2011/10/24: CAccess: What Occupy Means for the Climate Movement

    The World Climate Research Programme Conference went down in Denver this week:

  53. WCRP OSC - Climate Research in Service to Society -- 24-28 October 2011 - Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel, Denver, CO, USA
  54. 2011/10/24: WMO: World Climate Research Programme Conference: Science Serves Society
  55. 2011/10/29: JEB: WCRP OSC Day 4 and 5
  56. 2011/10/28: JEB: WCRP OSC Day 3
  57. 2011/10/26: JEB: WCRP OSC Day 2

    The Monnett saga drags on:

  58. 2011/10/26: PEER: Polar bear probe careens in new directions -- Inspector General Claims Even More Drowned Bears Seen Than Previously Reported
  59. 2011/10/28: CCP: Polar bear probe careens in new directions
  60. 2011/10/28: CCP: Second Alaska polar bear scientist grilled by government
    Gestapo-BOEMRE IG agents interrogate Dr. Jeffrey Gleason, tell him his case has been referred to the Department of Justice for prosecution without telling him what they want to prosecute him for, ask bizarre questions, and go through his trash
  61. 2011/10/26: NPR: Feds Asked Polar Bear Researcher To Take Polygraph
  62. 2011/10/26: ERabett: More Dead Bears

    The Cree Prophecy:

  63. 2011/10/27: AllAfrica: FinancialGazette: The Cree Prophecy
    Over 200 years ago, an old wise woman of the Cree Indian nation, named "Eyes of Fire", had a vision of the future.

    She prophesied that one day, because of the mankind's greed, there would come a time, when the earth being ravaged and polluted, the forests being destroyed, the birds would fall from the air, the waters would be blackened, the fish being poisoned in the streams, and the trees would no longer be, mankind as we would know it would all but cease to exist.

    There would come a time when the "keepers of the legend, stories, culture rituals, and myths, and all the ancient tribal customs" would be needed to restore us to health, making the earth green again. They would be humankind's key to survival; they were the "Warriors of the Rainbow".
  64. And on the Bottom Line:

  65. 2011/10/26: GreenGrok: Climate Change Waits For No One -- Too costly to cut emissions or too costly to wait?

    Who's getting the subsidies?

  66. 2011/10/27: TP:JR: As Oil Companies Announce $24B in Profits, Rep. [Cliff] Stearns (R-Fla) Says, "When Somebody Is Successful Then You Give Them Subsidies"
  67. 2011/10/26: Grist: Direct subsidies to fossil fuels are the tip of the (melting) iceburg
  68. 2011/10/24: EurActiv: IEA top economist calls for bonfire of the fossil fuel subsidies
    The chief economist of the International Energy Agency (IEA) has urged the world to slash hundreds of billions of dollars of fossil fuel subsidies or face the prospect of a catastrophic 3.5 degrees Centigrade rise in global temperatures.
  69. 2011/10/23: NYT: Cost of Subsidizing Fossil Fuels Is High, but Cutting Them Is Tough

    Michael's hopes and plans for Planet 3.0:

  70. 2011/10/29: P3: The Big Big Picture

    John Cook and friends continue their point-counterpoint articles:

  71. 2011/10/29: SkeptiSci: Pielke Sr. and SkS Dialogue Final Summary by dana1981
  72. 2011/10/28: SkeptiSci: Yes, It's Still Us, and It's Still Bad by dana1981
  73. 2011/10/27: SkeptiSci: Amazon Drought: Heat Stress Linked To Mass Tree Die Off In 2005 & 2010 by Rob Painting
  74. 2011/10/26: SkeptiSci: Bad, Badder, BEST by Rob Honeycutt
  75. 2011/10/26: SkeptiSci: Not so Permanent Permafrost by Agnostic
  76. 2011/10/30: SkeptiSci: Richard Milne separates skepticism from denial
  77. 2011/10/25: SkeptiSci: 9 Months After McLean by dana1981

    A note on theFukushima disaster:

    It is evident that the Fukushima disaster is going to persist for some time. TEPCO says 6 to 9 months. The previous Japanese Prime Minister, Naoto Kan, said decades. We'll see. At any rate this situation is not going to be resolved any time soon and deserves its own section.

    Not much good news coming out of Fukushima:

  78. 2011/10/28: EneNews: France: 20 times more cesium was released from Fukushima into sea than TEPCO claims
  79. 2011/10/28: EneNews: Major Study: Reactor No. 5 releases may explain why so much radioactive xenon detected --- or "recriticality has occurred in one of the reactor units"
  80. 2011/10/28: EneNews: "High concentrations" of radiation hit US and Canada - Plume was rich in Cesium-137 and "close to the surface" from Vancouver southward - See also Hawaii, Florida (MAPS)
  81. 2011/10/28: APR: Fukushima Daiichi update
  82. 2011/10/28: KSJT: Estimate of Fukushima release of Cs-137 goes up. Terabecquer-what-the-hell-is-that involved
  83. 2011/10/28: DM:80B: New Study: Fukushima Released Twice as Much Radiation as Official Estimate Claimed
  84. 2011/10/27: WaPo: New report: Fukushima released twice as much radiation as government estimated
    The Fukushima nuclear disaster released twice as much of a radioactive substance into the atmosphere as Japanese authorities estimated, reaching 40 percent of the total from Chernobyl, a preliminary report says. The estimate of much higher levels of radioactive cesium-137 comes from a worldwide network of sensors. Study author Andreas Stohl of the Norwegian Institute for Air Research says the Japanese government estimate came only from data in Japan, and that would have missed emissions blown out to sea. The study did not consider health implications of the radiation. Cesium-137 is dangerous because it can last for decades in the environment, releasing cancer-causing radiation.
  85. 2011/10/27: EneNews: Asahi: Western Tokyo may have been contaminated when radiation plume fell to ground after Reactor No. 2?s core was exposed, says Japan prof.
  86. 2011/10/27: EneNews: French Gov't: Fukushima to make Pacific TWICE as radioacitve as after atmospheric nuclear testing in '60s -- "Significant" releases could persist
  87. 2011/10/27: EneNews: Physician: Does Fukushima fallout explain rise in blood clots? -- Circulatory diseases one of most widespread consequences after Chernobyl
  88. 2011/10/27: APR: Report from Fukushima Daiichi - #2
  89. 2011/10/27: TreeHugger: Fukushima Meltdown Has Led to 'World's Worst' Nuclear Pollution of the Sea
  90. 2011/10/27: ABC(Au): Japan ignored nuke safety iodine advice
    Japanese media is reporting the government repeatedly ignored advice from the country's Nuclear Safety Commission to issue iodine tablets to residents affected by the Fukushima meltdowns.
  91. 2011/10/26: EneNews: Disguised Fukushima Engineer: "If people think nuclear power is safe, I'd like them to work with me for a day" -- BBC: "Opinion is shifting even inside the plant itself" (VIDEO)
  92. 2011/10/27: EneNews: Former UN Advisor: Many scientists are emphasizing precarious situation of Fukushima Spent Fuel Pool No. 4 -- If rods spill onto ground, it will force Tokyo and Yokohama to close
  93. 2011/10/27: EneNews: NRC Chairman discusses 'Core on the Floor': It's possible that severely damaged melted nuclear fuel has migrated outside reactor vessel (VIDEO)
  94. 2011/10/26: SlashDot: Fukushima's Fallout Worse Than Thought
  95. 2011/10/25: EneNews: Community Leader near Fukushima: "It's our duty to ensure an accident like this never happens again... by eliminating nuclear power" (VIDEOS)
  96. 2011/10/25: EneNews: "Obviously Worrying": New estimate says Fukushima released "far more" radiation than Japan claims -- Gov't didn't count what went over Pacific
  97. 2011/10/25: CBC: 18M tonnes of tsunami debris drifting to B.C.
    Huge mass from Japan projected to reach West Coast by 2014
  98. 2011/10/25: ABC(Au): Concentrated radiation found in Tokyo
    Radiation levels as high as those in the evacuation zone around the Fukushima nuclear plant have been detected in a Tokyo suburb. The radiation hotspot was found in a vacant lot in Kashiwa, a commuter suburb on the outskirts of Japan's capital.
  99. 2011/10/25: NatureN: Fallout forensics hike radiation toll -- Global data on Fukushima challenge Japanese estimates.
    The disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in March released far more radiation than the Japanese government has claimed. So concludes a study1 that combines radioactivity data from across the globe to estimate the scale and fate of emissions from the shattered plant. The study also suggests that, contrary to government claims, pools used to store spent nuclear fuel played a significant part in the release of the long-lived environmental contaminant caesium-137, which could have been prevented by prompt action.
  100. 2011/10/24: EneNews: New NILU, ZAMG study: Release of radioactive xenon from Fukushima more than double Chernobyl -- Largest in history -- Started "immediately" after quake
  101. 2011/10/24: EneNews: Report: Fukushima Reactors No. 5, 6 now in crisis -- Cesium outside release points up 1,000% in recent days -- Local says Hitachi engineers coming to help
  102. 2011/10/24: JapanTimes: Tsunami steps saved Tokai from meltdown -- Revised wave forecast led to higher sea wall, unlike Fukushima

    The Arctic melt continues to garner a lot of attention:

  103. 2011/10/26: ABC(Au):TDU: Can we ignore the second warning? by Stefan Rahmstorf
  104. 2011/10/13: CCNY: Extreme Melting on Greenland Ice Sheet, Reports CCNY Team
    Glacial Melt Cycle Could Become Self-Amplifying, Making it Difficult to Halt
  105. 2011/10/26: ITracker: Skeptical Science on permafrost melting
  106. 2011/10/24: CCP: M. Tedesco et al., Year 2011 Greenland melting remains well above the (1979-2010) average; close-to-record mass loss
  107. 2011/10/24: CuttingTheCarbon: The Arctic -- a personal reflection...
  108. 2011/10/24: TP:JR: Greenland Ice Sheet "Could Undergo a Self-Amplifying Cycle of Melting and Warming ... Difficult to Halt," Scientists Find

    Coca-Cola is funding polar bear research to the tune of $2 million plus. Greenwash or what?

  109. 2011/10/29: CCP: Coca-Cola revamps can in name of polar bear research
  110. 2011/10/26: CBC: Polar bear campaign seeks 'last ice' Arctic preserve
  111. 2011/10/25: CBC: Coca-Cola to fund polar bear research
    Coca-Cola Ltd. announced Tuesday it is changing its iconic can and pledging millions of dollars to help fund research programs in the Arctic related to habitat and wildlife survival, particularly with regard to polar bears.Coca-Cola Ltd. announced Tuesday it is changing its iconic can and pledging millions of dollars to help fund research programs in the Arctic related to habitat and wildlife survival, particularly with regard to polar bears. Coca-Cola/Canadian PressSoft drink giant Coca-Cola Tuesday unveiled changes to its iconic can and pledged millions of dollars to fund research programs in Canada's Arctic related to habitat and wildlife survival. Coca-Cola will commit $2 million over five years to a partnership with the World Wildlife Fund in a project called Arctic Home. It promised another $1 million for matching donations from the public. The research will have a particular focus on polar bears.
  112. As for the geopolitics of Arctic resources:

  113. 2011/10/28: PostMedia: Arrival of China in Arctic puts Canada on alert
    A new Great Game is making a quiet appearance in Canada's Arctic. In a speech Friday in Beijing, the Danish ambassador to China, Friis Arne Peterson, said the communist country has "natural and legitimate economic and scientific interests in the Arctic," even though it lacks a coastline in the rapidly thawing polar region. He went on to say that his government would like to see China given permanent observer status in the eight-member Arctic Council, which includes Canada, Russia, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Sweden and the United States. China has applied to become a permanent observer in the forum.
  114. 2011/10/25: CDreams: Obama Administration Clears Way for Wave of Industrial Offshore Oil Drilling in Arctic
  115. 2011/10/23: NBF: Russian Prime Minister Putin reviewed plans for Umka, a 5000 person domed Arctic City
  116. 2011/10/20: NYT: The Arctic and the Lessons of the Gulf
  117. 2011/10/19: Ecologist: Arctic special Putin's Russia will lead a 'new era of Arctic

    The food crisis is ongoing:

  118. 2011/10/29: ProMedMail: Infectious salmon anemia - Chile (02)
  119. 2011/10/25: ZNet: The Food Crisis Strikes Again
  120. 2011/10/26: TP:JR: Media Alert: Nature Publishes My Piece on Dust-Bowlification and the Grave Threat It Poses to Food Security
  121. 2011/10/26: BPA: U.S. Ending Stocks of Corn, Sorghum, Barley, and Oats 1995 to 2011
  122. 2011/10/25: BPA: Dry Edible Bean Production Has Dropped Sharply
  123. 2011/10/24: AlterNet: Worst Food Additive Ever? It's in Half of All Foods We Eat and Its Production Destroys Rainforests and Enslaves Children [palmoil]
  124. 2011/10/24: Reuters: Crop scientists now fret about heat not just water
    Crop scientists in the United States, the world's largest food exporter, are pondering an odd question: could the danger of global warming really be the heat?
  125. As for the agro-chem corps:

  126. 2011/10/26: AlterNet: Corporate Crimes In the Cereal Aisle: How Companies Are Fooling You Into Thinking Their Products Are Healthy

    Food Prices are still problematic:

  127. FAO: World Food Situation - Food Price Indices
  128. 2011/10/27: Grist: High and dry: Southwest drought means rising food prices
  129. 2011/10/26: TP:JR: A $3 Pear: Food Prices that Even Oprah Can't Stomach?

    So, are these land grabs Colonialism V2.0?

  130. 2011/10/07: OutlookIndia: Ethiopian 'Land Grab' -- 'India, Once Colonised, Has Turned Into A Coloniser'
  131. 2011/09/: OaklandInstitute: Land Deal Brief: Half a Million Lives Threatened by Land Development for Sugar Plantations in Ethiopia's Lower Omo Valley
  132. 2011/09/22: Oxfam: Land grabs push thousands further into poverty
  133. 2011/10/14: TheAge: PNG's great land grab sparks fightback by traditional owners
    Developers hover as 5 million hectares, and national pride, are signed away in 99-year leases that have raised fears of corruption.
  134. Flickr: (gfx) The 21st Century African Land Rush
  135. 2011/09/22: NYT: In Scramble for Land, Group Says, Company Pushed Ugandans Out
  136. 2011/09/: OaklandInstitute: Special Investigation: Understanding Land Investment Deals in Africa
  137. 2011/10/26: CDreams: Civil Society Groups Call for Action to Curb Land Grabbing

    Regarding the genetic modification of food:

  138. 2011/10/28: PlanetArk: Food Companies Petitioned To Ban New Monsanto GMO Corn
  139. 2011/10/27: CBC: GMO salmon egg sales plan alarms environmentalists -- Producer [AquaBounty] hopes to sell eggs to approved fish farmers

    And how are we going to feed 9 billion?

  140. 2011/10/26: FAO: CFS moves on important food security issues -- Committee on World Food Security wraps up discussions in Rome
  141. 2011/10/26: FAO: Forests, potential solution in the fight against hunger -- More attention to forest foods and services can improve food security in poor nations
  142. 2011/10/27: BPA: Soil: Exporting our Nutrients versus Biointensive Agriculture
  143. 2011/10/27: al Jazeera: China's farming history misapplied in Africa
    Sub-Saharan Africa is being sold misguided agricultural policies based on hybrid seeds and chemical inputs.
  144. 2011/10/27: TP:JR: Urban Hydroponics: A Model for Feeding a Growing Population Using Fewer Resources?
  145. 2011/10/26: UN: Forests can feed world's hungry and over-exploitation for timber must be curbed - UN
  146. 2011/10/25: TreeHugger: Factory Farming Is Not the Best We Have to Offer
  147. 2011/10/24: USDA:ARS: Stem Rust-resistant Wheat Landraces Identified
  148. 2011/10/23: Eureka: Breakthrough in the production of flood-tolerant crops [eventually]

    In the Caribbean, Rina threatened but fizzled over cooler waters, otherwise it was quiet:

  149. 2011/10/28: CNN: Rina fizzles out over the Yucatan Channel
  150. 2011/10/28: Wunderground: Rina pulls its punch; Thai floods worsen; Texas gets snow
  151. 2011/10/27: Wunderground: Tropical Storm Rina continues to deteriorate; close to landfall in Mexico
  152. 2011/10/28: CBC: Tropical storm Rina lashes Mexico's Yucatan
  153. 2011/10/27: BBC: Hurricane Rina has been downgraded to a tropical storm as it approaches Mexico's Caribbean coast, the US National Hurricane Center (NHC) says
  154. 2011/10/27: Wunderground: Rina continues to weaken; nearing landfall in Mexico
  155. 2011/10/26: Wunderground: Hurricane Rina weakens as it slides toward the Yucatan
  156. 2011/10/27: CBC: Rina weakens to tropical storm -- Storm weakening as it brushes Yucatan's Caribbean coast
  157. 2011/10/26: CNN: Weakening Rina to hit Mexico as Category 1 storm
  158. 2011/10/26: Wunderground: Rina still a Cat 2, and may have peaked in intensity
  159. 2011/10/25: Wunderground: Hurricane Rina a strong category 2
  160. 2011/10/25: Eureka: NASA satellite sees a more powerful Hurricane Rina, warnings up in Mexico
  161. 2011/10/25: CSM: Hurricane Rina closes in on Mexican beach resorts
  162. 2011/10/26: CBC: Hurricane Rina takes aim at Cancun
  163. 2011/10/25: CNN: Hurricane Rina lumbers toward Mexican resort towns
    Cancun's hotel association says shelters and transportation are ready for guests - Rina could become a Category 3 hurricane later Tuesday - Shoppers head to local supermarkets, lining up to buy bread and water - Rescuers find a missing boat of evacuees off Nicaragua's coast
  164. 2011/10/25: Wunderground: Hurricane Rina a Category 2, headed towards the Yucatan
  165. 2011/10/24: Wunderground: Rina rapidly intensifies into a hurricane
  166. 2011/10/24: Eureka: NASA caught Tropical Storm Rina forming, strengthening
  167. 2011/10/25: BBC: Hurricane Rina has swelled to a Category 2 storm as it sweeps towards Mexico's Yucatan peninsula and Caribbean beach resorts
  168. 2011/10/24: CSM: Hurricane Rina ramping up quickly in the Caribbean
  169. 2011/10/25: CBC: Nicaraguans missing as Hurricane Rina strengthens
  170. 2011/10/24: BBC: Hurricane Rina has formed in the western Caribbean, threatening to bring heavy rain and powerful winds to southern Mexico and Central America
  171. 2011/10/24: CBC: Rina becomes hurricane off Honduras
  172. 2011/10/24: CNN: Tropical Storm Rina menaces southern Mexico
    Forecasters say the storm will become a hurricane Tuesday - It could make landfall in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula later this week - Tropical Storm Rina carries 45 mph winds and is moving northwest at 6 mph - Rina could bring several inches of rain to flood-soaked Honduras, forecasters warn
  173. 2011/10/24: Wunderground: Tropical Storm Rina forms

    As for the Monsoon:

  174. 2011/10/30: BBC: Thailand PM Yingluck hopeful as inner Bangkok stays dry
    Thailand's prime minister has expressed optimism that central Bangkok will be mostly spared from the city's flooding, as defences held despite high tides. Yingluck Shinawatra told residents in the capital that the country would "recover soon". Floods have inundated over than a third of the country's provinces since July, killing more than 370 people.
  175. 2011/10/30: al Jazeera: Peak tides test Bangkok's flood defences
    Prime minister expresses optimism as most of the Thai capital's flood barriers hold firm during record water levels.
  176. 2011/10/29: CNN: Central Bangkok spared worst of flooding, but more high tides to come
    Some areas outside of central Bangkok are covered in waist-deep water - The flooding in Thailand is the worst since 1942 and has killed 373 people - Thailand is dealing with massive runoff from monsoon rains compounded by high tides - Another high tide of about 4 meters (13 feet) is forecast for Sunday morning
  177. 2011/10/28: CNN: Bangkok facing 'perfect storm'
    Steffensen: Bangkok facing 480,000 Olympic-sized pools of water - Main Suvarnabhumi airport operating normally, is protected by dike system - World Bank estimates 2 percent decline in GDP because of floods - Bangkok needs to raise dikes, invest in pump stations; faces more floods
  178. 2011/10/28: CNN: Bangkok braces for flooding from high tides
    "We don't see that the government is doing anything much," a Bangkok resident says - The outer suburbs are already flooded but the central city has largely been spared - The prime minister orders workers to cut channels into roadways to allow drainage - The Thai floods have killed 373 people and affected more than 9.5 million
  179. 2011/10/28: UN: As flood disaster worsens in Thailand, UN steps up relief efforts
  180. 2011/10/29: CSM: Thailand floods: Bangkok flood defenses are holding
  181. 2011/10/29: CBC: Bangkok flood barriers hold back massive surge
    Bangkok residents are breathing a little sigh of relief as flood barriers held their ground Saturday in what experts had predicted would be the worst flood surge, but they are not out of the safety zone yet. More high tides are expected over the weekend in the inundated Thai capital.
  182. 2011/10/29: al Jazeera: Thai PM says Bangkok flood threat receding
    High tide in capital lower than expected as Yingluck Shinawatra urges Thais to start focusing on recovery efforts.
  183. 2011/10/28: BBC: US military helicopters to survey deadly Thai flooding
    The Thai authorities have asked US military helicopters to survey flooding, which has hit the north and is now threatening the capital Bangkok.
  184. 2011/10/28: Guardian(UK): Bangkok residents flee as floods threaten to overwhelm capital
  185. 2011/10/28: BBC: Thailand floods: Bangkok residents leave as river rises
  186. 2011/10/28: CBC: Bangkok flooding swells river to record high
  187. 2011/10/28: al Jazeera: Main Thailand river swells to record highs
    Chao Phraya spills over briefly as rising floodwaters prompt residents to flee from the capital.
  188. 2011/10/27: Guardian(UK): Bangkok braced for month of flooding as big evacuation gets under way
  189. 2011/10/27: CBC: Bangkok braces for rising floodwaters
    Thousands of Bangkok residents are moving out of the Thai capital as officials warn that flooding could get worse in the coming days. Most of the city remained dry and most of its more than nine million residents were staying put to protect their homes. Still, uncertainty over Bangkok's fate and the start of a government-declared five-day holiday fuelled an exodus of thousands of people fearing the worst. Tears welling in her eyes, Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra acknowledged her government could not control the approaching deluge. "What we're doing today is resisting the force of nature," Yingluck told reporters. She said the water bearing down on Bangkok was so massive that "we cannot resist all of it."
  190. 2011/10/27: ABC(Au): Uncertain future when Cambodian floods recede
  191. 2011/10/27: BBC: Bangkok floods: Thousands flee as waters approach
  192. 2011/10/27: al Jazeera: Bangkok residents flee worsening flood
    Evacuations ordered across Thai capital as huge run-off expected to arrive at the same time as seasonal high tides.
  193. 2011/10/26: CNN: Bangkok faces worst flooding yet, governor warns
    Bangkok's governor [Sukhumbhand Paripatra] warns of the highest water levels in next few days - Evacuations include 600 inmates at a prison, some animals from a zoo - PM [Yingluck Shinawatra] warns capital could be submerged by as much as 1.5 meters (4.9 feet) - Authorities: Floods have killed 373 people and affected more than 9.5 million
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    Locals residents scramble for safety as experts pin the Thai capital's fate on dykes along the Chao Phraya River.
  200. 2011/10/26: TheAge: Thais given holiday as waters close in
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    Residents of Munag Ake village are being urged to evacuate after parts of an area dike broke - The Thai Cabinet announced national holidays to give residents time to prepare for high tide - Thailand's Public Health Minister has ordered health units be established to help people dealing with stress caused by flooding - Damage from the flood is estimated at more than $6 billion, the government estimates
  202. 2011/10/25: BBC: Thai floods: Bangkok Don Muang airport suspends flights
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    Authorities declare five-day holiday as thousands move to higher ground and Bangkok's domestic airport is shut down.
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  205. 2011/10/24: CBC: Bangkok floodwaters threaten central districts -- Thai capital's governor warns residents to prepare for deluge
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    Thammasat University's gymnasium, an evacuation center, is being evacuated - Volunteers sought for sandbagging industrial estates - PM says authorities were trying to control the water levels by using all dams and dikes - Flood costs expected to top more than $6 billion, government estimates
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    Millions of residents told to evacuate their homes as waters creep closer to the centre of the Thai capital.
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    Floodwaters are creeping further into the Thai capital, Bangkok, with residents of six more districts told to move to higher ground.
  210. Regarding GHGs:

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    And the temperature record:

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    While in the paleoclimate:

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    Evidence of water mass moving south 70 million years ago shows how warmth was distributed
  219. In the attribution debate:

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    Regarding Climate Sensitivity:

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    And the State of the Oceans:

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    What's new on the extinction front?

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    Oh look! The Anthropocene came up again:

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    A little fun on the volcano front:

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    What would the island be called? And who would own it? Spewing magma and growing in height, an underwater volcano off the Canary Island of El Hierro has captured the imagination of locals in recent weeks. It could eventually rise from the sea to create a new part of the archipelago.
  235. NPP = NPOESS Preparatory Project & NPOESS = National Polar-Orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite System. At least it's not recursive:

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    More GW impacts are being seen:

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    Swathes of Australia's seaweed are shifting south to escape warming oceans and many risk becoming extinct, a new study has found.
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    And then there are the world's forests:

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    Climate refugees are becoming an issue:

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    Desertification looms as a threat:

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    Yes we have no wacky weather, except:

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    Hundreds of stranded passengers camp out at a Connecticut airport - Connecticut governor: Those without power shouldn't expect to get it "for a prolonged period" - Three deaths are linked to the storm - The National Weather Service reports 15 inches of snow in one New Jersey town
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    An unseasonable snowstorm may bring up to 10 inches (25 cm) of early snowfall to the US East Coast this weekend.
  265. Changes in natural cycles are showing up:

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    As for heatwaves and wild fires:

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  270. Corals are a bellwether of the ocean's health:

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    Acidification is changing the oceans:

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  277. These 100, 200, 500 year storms are becoming all too frequent:

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    As for hydrological cycle disruptions [floods & droughts]:

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    Elsewhere on the mitigation front:

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    To meet ambitious emissions targets will require systems thinking and massive breakthroughs in technology and fuels, says Jane C. S. Long.
  295. Consider transportation & GHG production:

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    The new rail route being built between Berlin and Munich is nothing if not ambitious -- as well as being the most expensive transportation project to take shape since reunification. But the line is yet another example of how France beats Germany in the high-speed rail game and critics say its costs may not justify the advantages it will bring.
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    A Spanish consortium has won a contract to build a high-speed rail link in Saudi Arabia. The contract, worth 6.7bn euros ($9.3bn; £5.8bn) involves supplying 35 trains and operating the network for 12 years, the Saudi Railways Organisation said. The project links the two holy cities of Mecca and Medina.
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    Anyone who has been stuck in big-city gridlock lately may find this hard to believe, but millions of Westerners are giving up their cars. Experts say our love affair with the automobile is ending, and that could change much more than how we get around -- it presents both an opportunity and an imperative to rethink how we build cities, how governments budget and even the contours of the political landscape.
  303. While in the endless quest for zero energy, sustainable buildings and practical codes:

  304. 2011/10/24: ABC(Au): Six-star home for climate change research
    The Australian National University (ANU) has unveiled a new multi-million dollar energy efficient building for scientific research. The $11 million Frank Fenner Building will house the Fenner School of Environment and Society and the Climate Change Institute (CCI). The office building has a six star rating for environmental performance.
  305. As for carbon sequestration:

  306. 2011/10/28: ABC(Au): Clean coal project in liquidation
    A company behind a major carbon capture and storage project in central Queensland has been placed into liquidation. The State and Federal Government backed ZeroGen project was supposed to build a trial coal fired power station near Rockhampton using carbon capture technology. The Queensland Government had invested $108 million in the project. Deputy Premier Andrew Fraser says the technology was not financially viable.
  307. Large scale geo-engineering keeps popping up:

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    Plans to slow climate change by reflecting sunlight back into space could in fact raise temperatures, a new study concludes
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    There is strong support among the public in the US, UK and Canada for more research on geo-engineering technology, a study has suggested. The survey focused on "solar radiation management", which involves reflecting energy from the Sun away from the Earth's surface, and received support from 72% of respondents. The internet survey was commissioned by researchers from North America. The findings appear in the Environmental Research Letters journal.
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    Regarding Curry:

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    The Pielke fan clubbe, alas:

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    I wonder if other Commonwealth deniers will take this tack?

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    UK Prime Minister David Cameron will not be going to the Rio+20 Summit in Brazil next year despite his pledge to lead the "greenest ever government". The meeting will mark 20 years since the seminal Earth Summit of 1992, and is regarded as a chance for leaders to put humanity on a sustainable track. But the June date clashes with the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.
  392. While at the UN:

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    And on the carbon trading front:

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    The Robin Hood tax, aka the Tobin tax, aka the Bank tax, aka the Financial Transaction tax keeps coming up:

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    As the deadline for applying the EU-ETS to airlines draws near, we will see who is serious about reducing carbon emissions:

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    Now it looks like a global energy race:

  404. 2011/10/27: EurActiv: Chinese solar subsidy storm heads for Europe
    Solarworld AG is preparing an anti-dumping suit against Chinese firms operating in the EU, following a $1 billion action the German company launched in the US earlier this month. The move reflects mounting concern in Europe and America about subsidised Chinese firms flooding the market with solar PV panels at artificially low cost.
  405. 2011/10/27: al Jazeera: Asia's colliding giants
    Tensions are growing in the South China sea, where India, China and other countries have spared over drilling rights.
  406. 2011/10/24: TP:JR: China Aims to Dominate U.S. in Smart Grid Investments Just As It Has With Renewables
  407. 2011/10/24: PlanetArk: China Slams U.S. Over Solar Complaint
  408. 2011/10/24: SlashDot: Solar Panel Trade War Heats Up

    Polls! We have polls!

  409. 2011/10/26: iPolitics: Pollsters can use leading questions to manipulate the uninformed
  410. 2011/10/24: Guardian(UK): Public supports geoengineering research, survey finds
    First international survey on the perception of geoengineering finds 72% of respondents approve of research
  411. 2011/10/24: BBC: Public supports geo-engineering ideas, study suggests

    Regarding Water Politics and Business:

  412. 2011/10/29: UN: UN assistance gives Thai officials better monitoring data to deal with flood crisis
  413. 2011/10/27: FAO: FAO-Italy project seeks to head off future problems in the Nile Basin
    New information on agricultural water use will support better planning, prevent future food insecurity
  414. 2011/10/28: PlanetArk: Climate Change Making Country's Water Problems Worse: Expert
  415. 2011/10/28: PlanetArk: Weather Changes Mean More Dead Zones For Lake Erie: Expert
  416. 2011/10/27: PlanetArk: Namibian Capital Needs "Water Banks" For Dry Times
  417. 2011/10/26: PlanetArk: Water Use Rising Faster Than World Population
  418. 2011/10/26: TreeHugger: Solar Still Makes Water Purification Easy, Works Like an Upside-Down Coffee Maker
  419. 2011/10/29: JFleck: Imperial Valley - What's Plan B?
  420. 2011/10/25: TCoE: Good news about water, for a change
  421. 2011/10/25: NatureN: Conflicting studies fuel arsenic debate -- Uncertainties over contaminated groundwater in southern Asia highlight gaps in science
  422. 2011/10/23: JFleck: Q: What's behind the Bay Delta Conservation Plan process?
  423. 2011/10/23: NYT: To Get Water to Cities, California Farmers Paid Not to Plant -- Empty Fields Fill Urban Basins and Farmers' Pockets

    As for SW tools:

  424. 2011/10/26: UN: Online game that helps UN fight hunger launches Chinese version
  425. 2011/10/25: Guardian(UK): Climate change strikes Minecraft

    Ethics? You want to talk ethics?

  426. 2011/10/28: CDreams: Map Reveals Stark Divide in Who Caused Climate Change and Who's Being Hit
  427. 2011/10/28: Grist: Developing countries take the climate change bullet for the rest of us
  428. 2011/10/27: Grist: Three's a crowd: Is it unethical to have more than two kids?
  429. 2011/10/25: EnergyBulletin: The ethical dimension of tackling climate change

    And on the American political front:

  430. 2011/10/29: Grist: San Diego residents push for new urban agriculture rules
  431. 2011/10/28: NYT:PK: Coalmines And Military Keynesians
  432. 2011/10/28: TP:JR: We Can Clean the Air, Create Jobs and Power the Economy at the Same Time
  433. 2011/10/28: PlanetArk: California Eyes Solar Path Around Solyndra Wreckage
  434. 2011/10/25: CCP: "Jay Inslee, candidate for WA governor, chats with Grist about clean energy and coal ports" by David Roberts of Grist
  435. 2011/10/25: TP:JR: The Heritage Foundation Is Wrong In Opposing All Federal Loans and Loan Guarantees
  436. 2011/10/24: UCSUSA: Celebrate the First Annual Food Day by Supporting Local Food; New Bill in Congress Would Help Healthy Farms
  437. 2011/10/24: SF Gate: California's big bet on curbing greenhouse gases
    California's efforts to scrub its dirty skies and curb greenhouse gases are well under way. Tailpipe emission rules, wider use of alternative energy and cleaner fuel are examples of a pioneering 2006 law. Now comes the hard part: bringing down industrial pollution through a cap-and-trade system never tried at such a large scale. The state Air Resources Board gave its blessing to a steady-step system targeting mainly oil refineries, power plants and major smokestack facilities. Instead of standard regulations, the state will peg emission levels and then set up an auction and trading system that rewards clean facilities and obliges others to buy credits. Come 2013, polluters will need to get clean or pay up to bring themselves in line.
  438. 2011/10/24: PlanetArk: California Approves Carbon Market Rules
  439. 2011/10/23: ERabett:BDS: California creates second-largest cap and trade market, to start next year

    The BP disaster continues to twist US politics:

  440. 2011/10/25: CRG: "Stage Two" of the BP Gulf of Mexico Environmental Disaster -- New Drilling Permits amid 28,000 Unmonitored Abandoned Wells

    On the 2012 campaign trail:

  441. 2011/10/29: JQuiggin: Wrong turn for the right
  442. 2011/10/28: CCP: Flip-Flop Romney - the guy is a gumby! Becomes climate change denialist overnight -- embraces fossil fuels
  443. 2011/10/28: TP:JR: Mitt Romney IS a Member of a Cult: Likely GOP Nominee Asserts, "We Don't Know What's Causing Climate Change"
  444. 2011/10/28: Grist: Mitt Romney, political windsock, flips to climate change denial
  445. 2011/10/28: TreeHugger: Mitt Romney's Downward Spiral to Climate Denial Now Complete
  446. 2011/10/27: AlterNet: Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann Kowtowing to Christian Extremists -- What Kind of America Do These Radicals Want?
  447. 2011/10/20: AlterNet: Rick Perry's Shady Connections to Extremist Right-Wing Pastors
  448. 2011/10/26: RS: Rick Perry: The Best Little Whore In Texas
    The Texas governor has one driving passion: selling off government to the highest bidder
  449. 2011/10/26: TreeHugger: Mitt Romney's Energy Plan: Boost Big Oil, Slash Environmental Protections
  450. 2011/10/25: AlterNet: 6 Things to Know About "Smoking Man" in Herman Cain's Weird New Ad (Dude Was Banned From Electoral Politics)
  451. 2011/10/25: TP:JR: Romney Attacks "Environmentally Friendly" Jobs, Ignoring the 64,000 Green Jobs Created in His State
  452. 2011/10/24: CSM: Herman Cain: What did he say about abortion?
  453. 2011/10/24: CBC: Texas Gov. Perry doubts Obama's birth certificate

    The Keystone XL battle rages:

  454. 2011/10/28: TP:JR: Actor David Strathairn Joins Activist Movement Against the Dangerous Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline
  455. 2011/10/27: Grist: Democrats ask for investigation into Keystone XL
  456. 2011/10/27: Grist: Is the Keystone XL pipeline actually worse than the alternatives?
  457. 2011/10/26: USAToday: Opposing view: Keystone pipeline's a disaster by Bill McKibben
  458. 2011/10/26: CBC: Obama confronted by Keystone protesters in Denver -- Assures demonstrators no decision yet on pipeline deal
  459. 2011/10/26: PlanetArk: Green Groups Sue U.S. Over Keystone Pipeline Project
  460. 2011/10/26: TreeHugger: Keystone XL Pipeline Will "Comfort Our Enemies", US Brigadier General Says
  461. 2011/10/25: DeSmogBlog: TransCanada Spent $540,000 Lobbying in Third Quarter For Keystone XL Pipeline
  462. 2011/10/30: CSW: Democratic Congress members call for investigation of conflicts of interest in tar sands pipeline permitting
  463. 2011/10/30: TreeHugger: CNN's Steve Hargreaves Peddles Untruths On Keystone XL, No Retraction To Be Found (Video)
  464. 2011/10/29: DawgsBlawg: TransCanada : an "American company"
  465. 2011/10/25: TreeHugger: Nebraska Legislature to Consider Rerouting Keystone XL Pipeline
  466. 2011/10/25: OilChange: Talking Dirty in the President's Ear
  467. 2011/10/24: TheHill:e2W: Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman (R) said Monday he is calling a special session of the state's legislature in a last-ditch effort to alter the route of a controversial proposed oil pipeline
  468. 2011/10/24: CBC: Keystone may face Nebraska legislative challenge

    ASPO-USA published a ltter to Energy Secretary Steven Chu:

  469. 2011/10/27: OilDrum: ASPO-USA Conference, November 2 - 5; Letter to Secretary Chu
  470. 2011/10/26: EnergyBulletin: Energy experts demand "Truth in Energy" from Energy Secretary Steven Chu
  471. 2011/10/26: EnergyBulletin: Letter from ASPO-USA to Energy Secretary Steven Chu
  472. 2011/10/26: EnergyBulletin: Individual statements in support of ASPO-USA's letter to Energy Secretary Steven Chu

    The actions of the Obama administration are being watched closely:

  473. 2011/10/28: EurActiv: Concentrated solar gets a boost from US
    A US Department of Energy decision to invest $60 million in concentrated solar power (CSP) research and development over the next three years is a boon for an industry that is struggling to gain traction.
  474. 2011/10/29: BBC: White House orders loan review after Solyndra fallout
    Clean energy loans made by the US Department of Energy will receive a independent review. The head of the administration's bailout programme, Herb Allison, will review the loans and issue a report.
  475. 2011/10/26: NetworkWorld:B: US to fund aggressive technology that cuts solar power costs 75%
    In 10 years, the Department of Energy wants to get to solar power costs down to 6¢/kWh from current 21¢/kWh
  476. 2011/10/25: TP:JR: Energy Department to Invest $60 Million in Emerging Concentrating Solar Power Technologies
  477. 2011/10/25: CCP: Jane Lubchenko: "We're entering a no-analogue world"
  478. 2011/10/25: CDreams: Obama Administration Clears Way for Wave of Industrial Offshore Oil Drilling in Arctic
  479. 2011/10/24: Grist: Obama administration hires former TransCanada lobbyist
  480. 2011/10/24: PlanetArk: EPA Delays Pollution Rule For Coal Plants To December

    As for what is going on in Congress:

  481. 2011/10/27: TP:JR: As Oil Companies Announce $24B in Profits, Rep. [Cliff] Stearns (R-Fla) Says, "When Somebody Is Successful Then You Give Them Subsidies"
  482. 2011/10/28: TP:JR: House Airline Bill is Bad for Business, Jobs and the Climate
  483. 2011/10/28: 350orBust: Save Our Climate Act Introduced in U.S. Congress
  484. 2011/10/26: Grist: Rep. Markey blasts GOP for making real laws to solve fake problems
  485. 2011/10/26: Grist: Rep. Ralph Hall attacks his own badly designed clean energy standard
  486. 2011/10/26: Grist: Farming with a smaller footprint: Why it matters [Farm Bill]
  487. 2011/10/25: CSW: House Science Committee Republicans aim to slash climate and sustainable energy programs
  488. 2011/10/25: CDreams: How HR 358, the Let Women Die Act 2011, Violates International Human Rights Standards
  489. 2011/10/25: EUO: US House votes against EU emissions trading plan
  490. 2011/10/24: Grist: Quick and dirty: Will lawmakers rewrite the Farm Bill in less than two weeks?

    While in the UK:

  491. 2011/10/28: EurActiv: [UK] Solar subsidies to be cut by more than half
    Britain's solar subsidies will be dramatically cut by more than half, according to government documents that were prematurely published online and quickly taken down.
  492. 2011/10/28: BBC: Flood defence funding gap huge, warns Labour MP
    The one in six properties in England that are flood-prone are being put at risk by funding cuts and a lack of technical expertise, a report has said.
  493. 2011/10/27: Guardian(UK): How to solve 'green growth denial' in one stroke
  494. 2011/10/26: BBC: Lack of computing power 'hindering weather forecasting'
    A lack of computing power is limiting the improvements the Met Office can make to the accuracy of its weather forecasts, MPs have been told.
  495. 2011/10/26: BBC: SSE drops Waterhead Moor wind farm over 'bird fears'
    A major energy firm has withdrawn its planning application to develop a 29-turbine wind farm at Waterhead Moor near Largs, North Ayrshire. SSE - formerly Scottish and Southern Electric - said the decision had been made due to "a range of construction and planning challenges" over the site. Most of the wind farm fell within a Special Protection Area, designated due to its importance for hen harriers.
  496. 2011/10/26: Guardian(UK): David Cameron to snub Rio +20 Earth summit, despite MPs' calls
  497. 2011/10/26: EurActiv: Britain accused of stalling EU tar sands regulation
    National representatives from EU member countries have delayed a vote to tighten the EU's Fuel Quality Directive yesterday (October 25), amid acute pressure from the Canadian government and alleged stalling attempts by the United Kingdom. An EU diplomat told EurActiv that several delegations on the EU's Fuel Quality Committee were not ready to vote on approving the directive, which would assign fuel from Canada's highly polluting oil sands a high default greenhouse gas value, reflecting the environmental damage it causes. The diplomat said that "there was a request shared by many member states that the Commission deliver a further impact assessment concerning consequences for prices, competitiveness [and] security of energy supply." Environmentalists said that some member states, notably the UK, had been urging more consultation and research in order to delay the EU's taking a position.
  498. 2011/10/26: OilChange: Britain Backs Canadian Bullying Over Tar Sands
  499. 2011/10/25: BBC: Jubilee puts pall on green summit
    UK Prime Minister David Cameron will not be going to the Rio+20 Summit in Brazil next year despite his pledge to lead the "greenest ever government". The meeting will mark 20 years since the seminal Earth Summit of 1992, and is regarded as a chance for leaders to put humanity on a sustainable track. But the June date clashes with the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.
  500. And in Europe:

  501. 2011/10/28: EurActiv: Drive for 'green' consumption a chimera, NGOs warn
    Encouraging consumers to 'buy green' by making environmentally-friendly goods cheaper might have drawbacks as the much feared 'rebound effect' could offset gains by pushing for ever more consumption, environmentalists argue.
  502. 2011/10/28: PlanetArk: New EU Rules Seek To Avoid Repeat Of BP Oil Spill
  503. 2011/10/26: EurActiv: EU crackdown on oil firms will not extend to overseas operations
    European plans to crack down on oil companies, with orders to improve safety to prevent a spill like that in the Gulf of Mexico last year, will be unveiled on Thursday (26 October).
  504. 2011/10/26: PlanetArk: UK And Norway Sign Energy Pact To Develop Resources
  505. 2011/10/25: EurActiv: Brussels discusses Greek solar payback
    EU's energy commissioner Gunther Oettinger, the director general for energy Philip Lowe, and the head of the EU's Athens task force Horst Reichenbach have discussed the idea of enabling Greece to repay some of its debts to EU member states, such as Germany, by providing them with solar energy.
  506. Meanwhile in Australia:

  507. 2011/10/28: ABC(Au): Clean coal project in liquidation
  508. 2011/10/28: ABC(Au):TDU: Will negative Abbott get a positive result?
  509. 2011/10/26: ABC(Au):TDU: No republic on a dead planet: Abbott's real carbon plan
  510. 2011/10/26: ABC(Au): Hope for climate change study to boost farm viability
  511. 2011/10/26: ABC(Au): Queensland prepares for electric car revolution [with a network of 20 recharge points]
  512. 2011/10/26: ABC(Au): Gloucester group outlines CSG mining fears
  513. 2011/10/25: PeakEnergy: A cheaper path to 100% renewables

    The carbon bill has passed the House. Now comes the Senate, the Proclamation and the implementation:

  514. 2011/10/25: ABC(Au): Council support aired for carbon tax
    A small majority of local government representatives in New South Wales have voted in favour of supporting the carbon tax after heated debate at the Local Government Association conference in Nowra. Wollondilly Shire Council, south of Sydney, asked fellow councils to speak out against the tax, while the City of Sydney wanted the association to endorse a price on carbon.
  515. The Murray-Darling Basin Plan controversy continues:

  516. 2011/10/28: ABC(Au): Minister angry over basin plan support claims
    The New South Wales Primary Industries Minister has hit out at the Murray-Darling Basin Authority (MDBA), saying it should focus on delivering a balanced basin plan, not make false claims.
  517. 2011/10/26: ABC(Au): Mayors call for lower dam levels
    Two south east Queensland mayors say the Wivenhoe Dam level should be lowered now. The flood inquiry's interim report recommended Wivenhoe be reduced to 75 per cent of full supply if the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) predicted a similar wet season to the last. BOM's outlook says while it will not be as bad, above average rainfall is likely.
  518. 2011/10/26: ABC(Au): SA unity the key on Murray's future: [SA] Premier [Jay Weatherill]
  519. 2011/10/25: ABC(Au): Snap meeting called by [SA Premier, Jay] Weatherill on Murray plan

    While in China:

  520. 2011/10/27: ERabett: China follows up India in committing to being better than US on per-capita emissions
  521. 2011/10/25: BBC: China 'won't follow US' on carbon emissions
    China will not allow its carbon dioxide emissions per person to reach levels seen in the US, according to the minister in charge of climate policy. Xie Zhenhua, vice chair of the National Development and Reform Commission, said that to let emissions rise that high would be a "disaster for the world". Chinese per-capita emissions may reach US levels by 2017, a recent study said.
  522. And in Japan:

  523. 2011/10/25: CSM: Post-tsunami 'eco' vision for Japan's restart
    All along the once picturesque coast of northeastern Japan, the devastation wrought by the tsunami in March has also made way for a new step forward: the opportunity to rebuild using the latest sustainable technologies that would reduce dependency on coal and nuclear energy. Under strong public pressure to rely less on nuclear power after the meltdowns at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, officials at every level of government say such development is a top priority.
  524. In the Middle East:

  525. 2011/10/28: OpenDem: US tells Turkey to protect pipelines -- Washington is trying to influence Turkey's energy policies
  526. 2011/10/25: BBerg: Kuwait Sets Biggest Gulf Clean-Energy Goal to Boost Oil Exports - aims to generate 10 percent of its electricity from sustainable sources by 2020

    While in Africa:

  527. 2011/10/25: DerSpiegel: One Man's Plan for a Lost Country -- 'There Is No Reason for Somalis to Starve'
    A Somali politician living in Berlin has a simple plan for his country: He wants German construction aid to build a small harbor complex in Somalia's Galmudug region that he says could help stimulate the local economy and lift people out of poverty. With civil war, Islamist gunmen and pirates, however, that is easier said than done.
  528. And South America:

  529. 2011/10/24: NatureN: Brazilian scientists fight for cut of oil royalties -- Senate passes bill that would slash research funding

    In Canada, neocon PM Harper, continues his do-nothing policy:

  530. 2011/10/26: PI: Pembina Institute Comments on Canada's Proposed Reduction of Carbon Dioxide from Coal-Âfired Generation of Electricity Regulations
  531. 2011/10/26: PI:B: Canada's draft coal regulations: a halfhearted approach to climate change
  532. 2011/10/27: CBC: New coal regulations called weak
    Environmental groups say more than 5,000 people have written to the federal government demanding tougher rules for coal-fired power plants. Wednesday marked the end of a 60-day period for public comments on new regulations that will govern those power plants in the future. The rules have been controversial because they won't kick in until July, 2015 and apply only to coal-fired power plants built after that date or to existing plants once they have been in operation for 45 years.
  533. 2011/10/26: CBC: Canada commits $350M for world's hungry

    The G8/G20 controversy lingers:

  534. 2011/10/28: TStar: Clement to appear at G8 committee next week
  535. 2011/10/25: TStar: Kent denies speaking to consultant about G8
  536. 2011/10/25: TStar: Consultant's email 'false and ridiculous': Clement
    Tony Clement said a Toronto-based media consultant he recommended for a municipal job in his riding did not know what he was talking about when he said infrastructure projects were being approved directly by Cabinet.
  537. 2011/10/24: TStar: Huntsville emails raise new questions about G8 fund

    The job cuts issue lurks in the background:

  538. 2011/10/28: Dominion: Environment Canada Terminates Funding to Environmental Networks
  539. 2011/10/27: CBC: Environment Minister Peter Kent talks climate change
    Peter Kent, Canada's environment minister, is taking issue with Environment Commissioner Scott Vaughan's recent conclusion that the federal government's climate change plans are so off-track that it will be nearly impossible for the country to reach its Kyoto target. "I disagree completely," Kent told CBC's The Current Thursday during an in-depth interview about Canada's climate change plans and policies. He said Vaughan's criticisms, released in a report earlier in October, were largely the result of a misunderstanding.
  540. The Wheat Board saga drags on:

  541. 2011/10/28: Impolitical: Wheat Board rally
  542. 2011/10/28: CBC: Wheat board supporters rally in Winnipeg
  543. 2011/10/27: CBC: Wheat growers to sue marketing board
    The Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association says it will sue the Canadian Wheat Board and eight of its directors for alleged misuse of farmers' money. The lawsuit would be the third legal action filed in connection with Ottawa's plans to open up western Canadian wheat and barley marketing. The CWB announced this week it is suing the federal government over Bill C-18, which, if passed, would end single desk selling of western wheat and barley through the board. And another group, Friends of the Canadian Wheat Board wants the courts to review the federal legislation.
  544. 2011/10/26: JCMorton: The lawsuit over the Canadian Wheat Board
  545. 2011/10/26: CBC: Wheat board sues federal government
  546. 2011/10/26: WpgFP: Killing CWB nets nothing
    Wilf "Butch" Harder, former director of the Canadian Wheat Board and chairman of its former farmer advisory committee, says the federal government's legislation to abolish the CWB's single desk imposes "a corporate takeover of agriculture... a vertically-integrated system." And, he warns, "Canadian consumers should start to be a little concerned." Vertical integration, Harder continues, means farmers will soon have no choice but to buy everything, from seed to fertilizer to marketing services, from one of the big private agribusiness giants. At that point, they lose control over their input costs, their negotiating power and ultimately, their livelihoods.
  547. 2011/10/25: CBC: NDP motion calls on Tories to stop dismantling wheat board -- Motion calls for 'full and free' vote to determine farmers' wishes
  548. 2011/10/23: G&M: All farmers are equal -- but some are more equal than others
  549. 2011/10/24: CBC: Wheat board bill clears 2nd vote
    NDP critic suggests Tory MPs involved in prairie grain farming have conflict of interest
  550. 2011/10/24: CBC: 'Talking Eskimo' wheat board video sparks controversy

    The battle over the Keystone XL and Northern Gateway pipelines rages on:

  551. 2011/10/29: DawgsBlawg: TransCanada : an "American company"
  552. 2011/10/28: CEP: NEB's "incredible" Keystone XL ruling highlights Canada's inferior regulations
  553. 2011/10/25: G&M: Pipeline politics trump sisterhood of the premiers
    The Northern Gateway pipeline could be the most glittering jewel of all in Premier Christy Clark's highly-hyped jobs plan for British Columbia. The proposed, $5.5-billion project to carry Alberta crude from the oil sands through northern B.C. to the West Coast port of Kitimat would create 4,000 well-paying construction jobs and hundreds of permanent positions. Yet, awash in mutual admiration as women leaders of Canada's two westernmost provinces, Ms. Clark nonetheless found herself differing with Alberta's freshly-minted premier, Alison Redford, on the ambitious Gateway megaproject during Ms. Clark's brief visit to Calgary last week.
    Ms. Redford is all for it. Ms. Clark, not so much.
    Pressed repeatedly for her position on the pipeline during a joint Calgary press conference with her new sister-in-arms, Ms. Clark doggedly dodged the issue. Over and over, she repeated that B.C. would not say "yea" or "nay" until the federal environmental review of the project is complete, at least two years down the road.
  554. A multipartisan climate change caucus has been formed in Parliament:

  555. 2011/10/28: BLongstaff: The "climate change caucus" -- good news on two fronts
  556. 2011/10/26: 350orBust: Finally, Some Good News Out Of Ottawa: All-Party Climate Caucus Formed

    The Tories and their corporate sponsors are agitating against the EU's fuel quality directive:

  557. 2011/10/26: PI:B: Fuel for Change: Could Europe's fuel rules force Canada to clean up the oilsands?
  558. 2011/10/26: EmbassyMag: Feds intensify lobbying against EU fuel label -- Experts split on whether issue could spoil trade talks
  559. 2011/10/26: EurActiv: Britain accused of stalling EU tar sands regulation
  560. 2011/10/26: OilChange: Britain Backs Canadian Bullying Over Tar Sands
  561. 2011/10/24: CBC: Canada pushes back in EU oilsands trade spat
    Canada's natural resources minister is criticizing the European Union over its plan to discriminate against Canadian oil derived from Alberta's oilsands. Joe Oliver released a letter Sunday to EU energy commissioner Gunther Oettinger in which he lambastes the EU's fuel quality directive -- a proposal that ranks fuels based on their carbon footprint, and suggests ranking Canadian oil derived from oilsands in a separate category because it is perceived to be so dirty.
  562. 2011/10/24: PlanetArk: Canada Warns EU On Oil Sands Ranking Plan

    The ISA virus in BC waters is potentially disastrous:

  563. 2011/10/26: AlexandraMorton: Industry seems to know more about the ISA virus in BC
  564. 2011/10/23: AlexandraMorton: European ISA virus in BC sockeye - what to do?
  565. 2011/10/21: AlexandraMorton: And what about the wild salmon?
  566. 2011/10/24: PlanetArk: Further Study Urged On [ISA] Virus Found In Pacific Salmon
  567. 2011/10/22: STimes: Why [ISA] fish virus spooks scientists
    To understand why scientists were so alarmed last week to see a potentially lethal fish virus surface in two sockeye, consider what happened in South America in 2007. Millions of farmed fish died, cost billions of dollars and drove thousands of people out of work.
  568. In BC, the stage is set. Now what will Clark and Dix do?

  569. 2011/10/28: TheCanadian: Kicking the Can Down the Road, BC Hydro Style - Billions in Bogus Accounting Revealed
  570. 2011/10/28: G&M: Auditor General sounds alarm over BC Hydro accounting
    BC Hydro is keeping rates artificially low by funnelling billions of dollars in expenses into deferral accounts, the province's auditor general says. And the day of reckoning for ratepayers will come, Auditor General John Doyle warns, because BC Hydro has no clear plan to repay those burgeoning accounts, which now stand at $2.2-billion. By 2017, BC Hydro expects to have deferred $5-billion in expenses.
  571. 2011/10/27: TheCanadian: Oil Pipelines and Tankers: A Bad Proposition for BC's Economy and Environment
  572. 2011/10/27: Tyee: California's Big Move on Climate Policy Challenges BC -- Seventh largest economy just approved cap and trade. What will we do?
    Usually, those of us who live on the West Coast are acutely tuned to tectonic activity, but the regulatory shift last week triggered by the California Air Resources Board (ARB) did not register on the seismographs of any major Canadian newspapers. This is surprising, given that the cap and trade system that California approved represents the most significant advance in climate policy in the U.S. and Canada in decades.
  573. 2011/10/25: CBC: 18M tonnes of tsunami debris drifting to B.C.
    Huge mass from Japan projected to reach West Coast by 2014
  574. Meanwhile in that Mechanical Mordor known as the tar sands:

  575. 2011/10/28: CDreams: Killing Wolves: A Product of Alberta's Big Oil and Gas Boom
    The development of the tar sands and other oil and gas fields in Alberta has carved up the Canadian province's boreal forest, threatening herds of woodland caribou. But rather than protect caribou habitat, officials have taken a controversial step: the large-scale killing of the wolves that prey on the caribou.
  576. 2011/10/26: Tyee: Two More Ethical Challenges to Canada's Oil Sands -- Listing the limitations to bitumen boosting. Part two.
  577. 2011/10/28: EnergyBulletin: Two more ethical challenges to Canada's oil sands
  578. 2011/10/28: PlanetArk: EU Climate Chief: Science Shows Canada Oil Sand Risk
  579. 2011/10/28: DeSmogBlog: Canadian Embassy Coaches Diplomats To Promote Tar Sands, Overstate Environmental Protection Efforts
  580. 2011/10/27: DeSmogBlog: Why Ethical Oil's Deceptive 'Women's Rights' Defense of Tar Sands is Insulting and Wrong
  581. 2011/10/25: DeepClimate: The Ethical Oil Institute on oil sands emissions
  582. 2011/10/29: CBC: Cancer rate in Fort Good Hope growing, says chief
    Community plans to get independent test done on its drinking water
  583. 2011/10/25: NBF: New extraction technologies for Alberta Tarsands

    Also in Alberta:

  584. 2011/10/27: DeSmogBlog: Massive Natural Gas Export Deal Inked by BG Group, So Much for Industry's "Domestic Energy" Claims

    In Saskatchewan the election wrangling is getting louder:

  585. 2011/10/29: BuckDog: How Brad Wall Shills For PotashCorp
  586. 2011/10/28: ByckDog: Brad Wall SCRAMBLES To Change Channel From Windfall Potash Profits To ..... No School Until After Labour Day!?
  587. 2011/10/28: PEF: Sask Party Shills for PotashCorp
  588. 2011/10/28: CBC: PotashCorp profits prompt political spin
  589. 2011/10/27: BuckDog: How PotashCorp Hauls BILLIONS Of OUR Dollars Out Of Saskatchewan Every Year

    Ontario is wrestling with its energy policy:

  590. 2011/10/27: Wonkette: Toronto Mayor Calls 911 In Panic After Comedian Tries To Interview Him
  591. 2011/10/29: CleanBreak: Election outcome in Ontario doesn't mean green energy strategy doesn't need some fixin'

    In the Maritimes:

  592. 2011/10/24: PostMedia: Tories accused of 'backroom deal' with energy firms Williams Energy, Nova Chemicals -- Ethane policy shift disclosed prior to cabinet approval: Grits

    In the North:

  593. 2011/10/27: CBC: Bob McLeod chosen as N.W.T. premier
    Yellowknife South MLA Bob McLeod has been selected as the new premier of the Northwest Territories, after MLAs voted in a secret ballot in the legislative assembly in Yellowknife just after noon MT. The N.W.T. has no political parties, and its legislative assembly is run by consensus government, where the individual MLAs decide which of them becomes premier.
  594. 2011/10/26: CBC: CanNor to implement audit recommendations
    The federal government says it will implement all the recommendations of an audit on its northern development agency after the review found that CanNor was regularly breaking the law when it comes to contracts, travel and financial management. The Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency, considered the centrepiece of the government's northern economic strategy, is accused of breaking two sections of the law, according to a final audit, CBC News has learned. The audit also shows the agency broke all but one of 13 different government directives on financial administration. The rules were broken more than 20 per cent of the time, according to the audit.
  595. The movement toward a long term ecologically viable economics is glacial:

  596. 2011/10/28: al Jazeera: The solutions generation
    The next generation will have to bring about major transitions in order to build a more sustainable future.
  597. 2011/10/26: EnergyBulletin: Stranded resources
  598. 2011/10/26: OilDrum: Are We Reaching "Limits to Growth"?
  599. 2011/10/25: al Jazeera: Rethinking GNP: From welfare to cost
    Gross National Product is a blunt tool that largely fails to take into account environmental and human well-being.
  600. 2011/10/23: NBF: True Limits for food, energy and minerals are very distant
  601. 2011/10/21: CL: The Club of Rome is back

    What do we tell the children?

  602. 2011/10/28: TreeHugger: Shloppity Shlop! Here Comes Dr. Seuss' "The Lorax"

    IPAT [Impact = Population * Affluence * Technology] raised its head once again:

  603. 2011/10/28: Grist: Climate change is our biggest challenge, says McKibben -- but we need to keep working on population
  604. 2011/10/24: Guardian(UK): Why women's education in Tanzania is critical for slowing population growth
  605. 2011/10/24: NewYorker: Billions and Billions
  606. 2011/10/29: MoJo: Then They Came for Your Birth Control -- Mississippi's "Personhood" measure could outlaw birth control. And it's not an accident
  607. 2011/10/27: NewsRevu: Welcome to Earth -- There are now 7 billion people living on the planet. If it weren't so scary, it would be hilarious.
  608. 2011/10/25: AlterNet: What Are the "San Jose Articles"? Don't Be Fooled By the Conservative Global Elites' Latest Ploy to Attack Science, Women, and the United Nations
  609. 2011/10/28: TP:JR: People and the Planet: The World at 7 Billion
  610. 2011/10/28: Grist: This is the weekend we hit 7 billion
  611. 2011/10/28: TMoS: 7 Billion Reasons to Wake Up
  612. 2011/10/27: Guardian(UK): Population is just a sidekick to the real big baddie -- consumption
  613. 2011/10/27: Grist: Three's a crowd: Is it unethical to have more than two kids?
  614. 2011/10/27: Eureka: 7 billion people are not the issue - human development is what counts [says IIASA]
  615. 2011/10/26: AlterNet: Legal Rights for Fertilized Eggs? How a Terrifying Law Could Lead to Jail-time for Miscarriages, Birth Control Bans, and the End of Legal Abortion
  616. 2011/10/26: BBC: Population seven billion: UN sets out challenges
    A major United Nations report has set out the challenges facing humanity a few days before the world's population is expected to reach seven billion. The report calls for a change of focus, no longer asking "are we too many", and instead concentrate on making the world better. It identifies many reasons to celebrate, including increased life expectancy and falling fertility rates. But it also acknowledges the risks of rapid population growth.
  617. 2011/10/26: CBC: World needs family planning access as population nears 7B -- Birth control unavailable to 250 million women who seek it
  618. 2011/10/26: CNN: U.N.: World can 'thrive' as population reaches 7 billion
    World population could surpass 15 billion by the end of the century, the U.N. says - In 1927, the world's population was 2 billion - People under age 25 make up 43% of the current population - Africa's population is expected to more than triple this century
  619. 2011/10/26: UN: World must seize birth of 7 billionth inhabitant as clarion call to decisive action - UN
  620. 2011/10/25: TP:JR: I Helped Put World Population Over 3 Billion. How About You? Plus Powerful Video of Women, Families and Climate Change
  621. 2011/10/23: NYT: Seven Billion by Joel E. Cohen
  622. 2011/10/26: Grist: Is the environmental crisis caused by the 7 billion or the 1%?
  623. 2011/10/24: CCurrents: Questions Relating To The Future Of Humankind
  624. 2011/10/25: CDreams: How HR 358, the Let Women Die Act 2011, Violates International Human Rights Standards
  625. 2011/10/30: CNN: Just how big is 7 billion?
  626. 2011/10/24: Grist: 7 billion, unpacked - a comic
  627. 2011/10/25: NBF: It will not be a problem to feed 15 billion people
  628. 2011/10/24: al Jazeera: Millions of aborted girls imbalance India
    Gender selective abortions have skewed birthrates, so millions of men will never find wives, potentially causing strife.
  629. 2011/10/24: Guardian(UK): [Letters] Fertile approaches to population
  630. 2011/10/24: Guardian(UK): Paul Ehrlich, a prophet of global population doom who is gloomier than ever
    Population surge means there is only a 10% chance of avoiding a collapse of world civilisation, says professor
  631. 2011/10/23: DD: Population of world 'could grow to 15 billion by 2100'
  632. 2011/10/13: Yale360: Revisiting Population Growth: The Impact of Ecological Limits
    Demographers are predicting that world population will climb to 10 billion later this century. But with the planet heating up and growing numbers of people putting increasing pressure on water and food supplies and on life-sustaining ecosystems, will this projected population boom turn into a bust?
  633. 2011/10/22: Guardian(UK): Population of world 'could grow to 15bn by 2100'
    Nearly 7 billion people now inhabit planet but projections that number will double this century have shocked academics
  634. Apocalypso anyone?

  635. 2011/10/25: MWatch: An apocalyptic end to world's biggest bubble -- Denial, addictions feed inability to deal with population
    The theme: Repent. Haunting images of fanatical serial killers warning, "The End is Near, Repent!" That message seared my brain as the "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" rode into "Dexter's" dark world, the Miami Metro Police cable TV series. Now duty calls Dexter, CSI blood splatter expert by day, serial avenger by night.
  636. How do the media measure up?

  637. 2011/10/23: BFiles: Huffington Post: Irresponsible mouthpiece for the World of Woo
  638. 2011/10/25: CJR: Salazar Calls for Coverage -- Interior Secretary highlights underreported environment stories
  639. 2011/10/28: CJR: Cracking the Case -- Why is it so difficult to cover investigations of environmental crimes?
  640. 2011/10/28: Grist: Why does ABC News hate electric cars?
  641. 2011/10/27: ClassM: Fighting the "he said, she said" cowardice
    [...] Basically, the problem is NPR is afraid to let its reporters come right out and call a spade a spade, lest someone in Washington should accuse the network of ideological bias.
  642. 2011/10/26: MediaMatters: ABC Still Fumbling Green Car Story
  643. 2011/10/26: TP:JR: The New York Times Abandons the Story of the Century and Joins the Energy and Climate Ignorati
  644. 2011/10/25: MediaMatters: After Pushing "Climategate," Fox Ignores Study Confirming Temp. Record
  645. 2011/10/30: TreeHugger: CNN's Steve Hargreaves Peddles Untruths On Keystone XL, No Retraction To Be Found (Video)
  646. 2011/10/23: TP:JR: CBS, ABC Joke About Global Warming's Effect on Coffee. When Will The Media Start Talking Seriously About Food Security?

    Here is something for your library:

  647. 2011/10/28: SciAm:C: [Book Review] _The God Species_ by Mark Lynas
  648. 2011/10/28: SciAm:GB: [Book Review] _Blue Revolution: Unmaking America's Water Crisis_ by Cynthia Barnett
  649. 2011/10/24: SF Gate:B: The Third Industrial Revolution -- an interview with Jeremy Rifkin
  650. 2011/10/25: ClimateSight: _A Vast Machine_ by Paul Edward
  651. 2011/10/25: HotTopic: [BookReview] _The Ecological Rift: Capitalism's War on the Earth_ by John Bellamy Foster, Brett Clark & Richard York
  652. 2011/10/25: P3: [Book Review] _Fool Me Twice - Fighting the Assault on Science in America_ by Shawn Lawrence Otto

    And for your film & video enjoyment:

  653. 2011/10/28: TreeHugger: The State of Science in America (Daily Show Video)
  654. 2011/10/29: 350orBust: Saturday At The Movies
  655. 2011/10/28: PSinclair: The Weekend Wonk: Refining the Climate Models
  656. 2011/10/28: PSinclair: Global Warming 101: The Greenhouse Effect
  657. 2011/10/28: TreeHugger: Daily Show Blasts Media for Failing to Cover Study that Confirms Climate Change (Video)
  658. 2011/10/28: Tamino: Republican "Science"
  659. 2011/10/27: DeSmogBlog: The Daily Show Notes Irony of Koch-Funded Study Affirming Global Warming is Real
  660. 2011/10/26: SEasterbrook: Data Rescue
  661. 2011/10/26: BPA: A Food Security Presentation by Julian Cribb
  662. 2011/10/25: CCP: Peter Sinclair's Climate Denial Crock of the Week: Bad, Badder, BEST [Richard Muller]
  663. 2011/10/24: CSW: "Climate Change: From Science to Policy" - webcast videos from the 2011 Stephen H. Schneider Symposium
  664. 2011/10/25: PSinclair: Cost of Electricity in Texas? On a Windy Night, maybe Nothing...

    As for podcasts:

  665. 2011/10/29: CBC:Q&Q: Mastodon Massacre -- 7 Billion and Counting
  666. 2011/10/28: HotTopic: (mp3) We can't rule out catastrophic climate change
  667. 2011/10/24: TP:JR: Introducing the Climate Progress Podcast: Jigar Shah on Why Renewables Will Win This Decade, Even Beating Natural Gas

    Meanwhile among the 'Sue the Bastards!' contingent:

  668. 2011/10/26: PlanetArk: Green Groups Sue U.S. Over Keystone Pipeline Project
  669. 2011/10/26: JCMorton: The lawsuit over the Canadian Wheat Board
  670. 2011/10/26: CBC: Wheat board sues federal government
  671. 2011/10/24: PlanetArk: U.S. Court Backs Rules Protecting National Forests
  672. 2011/10/23: TreeHugger: Judge Rules Against the Corn Processors in "Corn Sugar" Case

    Wrestling over a new energy infrastructure continues unabated:

  673. 2011/10/29: BPA: Electricity Use Continues to Rise
  674. 2011/10/28: NBF: Snapshot of deaths per terawatt hour [by energy sources] ...
  675. 2011/10/29: BNC: Geographical wind smoothing, supergrids and energy storage
  676. 2011/10/28: TreeHugger: Nuclear Power Still Blocks Clean Energy Development
  677. 2011/10/26: P3: Clogs in the works: The transition to a sustainable energy economy and its deliberate and unconscious sabotage
  678. 2011/10/27: KSJT: NYTimes : A big energy section. Is it news? Sure. Is it about what ought'a be? No.
  679. 2011/10/27: Grist: Solar and wave power solution: Fill the ocean with balls
  680. 2011/10/27: SciAm:PI: Energy Miracles: Innovating to Zero CO2
  681. 2011/10/27: PeakEnergy: Harnessing The Power Of The Thames
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  683. 2011/10/26: TreeHugger: US Geothermal Power Potential 10x That Of Coal Power Plants, New Analysis Shows
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  686. 2011/10/24: SMU: First Google.Org-funded geothermal mapping report confirms vast coast-to-coast clean energy source
  687. 2011/10/24: SciAm:PI: Turning off the Lights Won't Save Oil
  688. 2011/10/20: AlterNet: Four Reasons We Need Less Gas by Lester R. Brown

    Hey! Let's contaminate the aquifer for thousands of years! It'll be a fracking gas!

  689. 2011/10/30: OilDrum: Tech Talk - The Niobrara, the Tuscaloosa and the Chattanooga shales
  690. 2011/10/27: OGJ: EIA shale predictions need closer scrutiny, peak oil group [ASPO-USA] says
  691. 2011/10/25: PressEurop: Poland - Shale gas, fuelling jobs
  692. 2011/10/26: S&R: Will fracking save the world?
  693. 2011/10/23: CCurrents: Science Says World Must Stop Coal Seam Gas Exploitation [Polya]
  694. 2011/10/24: TP:JR: China Has More Shale Gas Than We Do. Will They Embrace Environmental Safeguards on Fracking? Will We?

    On the coal front:

  695. 2011/10/27: NPR: The Global Coal Trade's Complex Calculation

    On the gas and oil front:

  696. 2011/10/28: BBerg: Closing oil prices Friday
    OIL (US$/bbl)
    Nymex Crude Future...93.32
    Dated Brent Spot....110.83
    WTI Cushing Spot.....93.32
  697. 2011/10/27: OpenDem: In the backyard of Russia's oil paradise
    Pavlovo village was once a quiet backwater in the forest-steppe of Perm Region. In 1997, however, ecological disaster struck, with oil and chemicals entering the local river and food chain. The culprits of the catastrophe were both rich and obvious, but justice was a long while in coming, writes Roman Yushkov
  698. 2011/10/28: TreeHugger: Major Victory: Dangerous Leaded Gasoline Now Banned Worldwide
  699. 2011/10/24: EnergyBulletin: Daniel Yergin massively reduced his energy estimates
  700. 2011/10/24: EnergyBulletin: Commentary: Oil and the economy

    In the fossil fuel corps:

  701. 2011/10/29: BBC: Chevron and Total see profits jump on higher oil price
    Oil giants Chevron and Total have reported sharp rises in third quarter profits, in line with other global oil and gas giants. Chevron saw net profit more than double to $7.8bn (£4.8bn) in the three months to the end of September, against a year earlier. Sales rose sharply to $61.3bn. Total's net income rose 13% to 2.8bn euros ($4bn; £2.5bn), with sales rising to 46.2bn euros.
  702. 2011/10/28: TP:JR: Chevron Announces $7.8 Billion in Q3 Profits, 2011 Profits for Big-Five Oil Companies Hit a Staggering $101 Billion
  703. 2011/10/27: TP:JR: Royal Dutch Shell Doubles Q3 Profits Over Last Year, Climbing to $6.98 Billion
  704. 2011/10/27: TP:JR: ExxonMobil Profits Jump by 41%, to $10.3 Billion
  705. 2011/10/27: CSM: Exxon Mobil profit jumps 41 percent
    Exxon Mobil's quarterly profit rose 41 percent because the company sold oil and natural gas at higher prices, making up for lower production.
    Still, Exxon Mobil Corp.'s total net income rose to $10.33 billion, or $2.13 per share, in the third quarter. That compared with $7.35 billion, or $1.44 per share, a year earlier. Revenue rose 32 percent to $125.3 billion.
  706. 2011/10/27: BBC: Shell profits double on higher gas and oil prices
    Higher gas and oil prices allowed Shell to double its profits in the three months to the end of September compared with the previous year. Current cost of supply net income rose to $7.2bn (£4.5bn) compared with $3.5bn during the same period a year ago.
  707. 2011/10/26: TP:JR: ConocoPhillips Announces $2.6 Billion in Q3 Profits
  708. 2011/10/25: TP:JR: BP Doubles Profits in Third Quarter to $4.9 Billion

    Yes we have a peak oil sighting:

  709. 2011/10/26: EnergyBulletin: The peak oil crisis: the energy trap
  710. 2011/10/25: PeakEnergy: Peak Oil for Economists

    Biofuel bickering abounds:

  711. 2011/10/28: PlanetArk: Analysis: Promising Biodiesel Crop [pongamia pinnata tree] needs Time To Prove Itself
  712. 2011/10/26: TreeHugger: Making Biofuels from West Coast Forests is a Bad Idea
  713. 2011/10/26: TreeHugger: UK Company Pulls Out of Controversial Kenya Biofuel Project
  714. 2011/10/25: ORNL: First-of-a-kind tension wood study broadens biofuels research
  715. 2011/10/24: Purdue: Dividing corn stover makes ethanol conversion more efficient
  716. 2011/10/24: TreeHugger: Sanergy Is Putting A Price On Poop and Cleaning Up in Kenya
  717. 2011/10/23: Eureka: Production of biofuel from forests will increase greenhouse emissions
  718. 2011/10/23: AutoBG: Cellulosic ethanol "floodgates" will open in 2013
  719. 2011/10/23: Oregonian: Using Oregon's forests for bioenergy production has a down side: increased carbon emissions

    The answer my friend...:

  720. 2011/10/26: BBC: SSE drops Waterhead Moor wind farm over 'bird fears'
  721. 2011/10/26: TreeHugger: UK Offshore Wind Power Industry May Struggle To Keep Up, As Nation Adds 2.5 GW Per Year By 2016
  722. 2011/10/25: Grist: Wind turbine with Inspector Gadget arms makes twice the power

    Meanwhile among the solar aficionados:

  723. 2011/10/28: EurActiv: [UK] Solar subsidies to be cut by more than half
  724. 2011/10/28: EurActiv: Concentrated solar gets a boost from US
  725. 2011/10/29: Grist: Don't let Solyndra fool you: Solar PV is on fire
  726. 2011/10/28: TreeHugger: The Steady Rise of the Solar PV Manufacturing Industry Signals a Bright Future by Lester Brown
  727. 2011/10/26: MIT: Shining brightly
    Vast amounts of solar energy radiate to the Earth constantly, but tapping that energy cost-effectively remains a challenge.
  728. 2011/10/26: EurActiv: Solar recession signals end of 'Wild West' gold rush
    A clean-energy recession caused by massive over-capacity in the solar panel market could have unexpected benefits for the nascent renewable industry, industry insiders say.
  729. 2011/10/26: InformedComment: Namibia: Largest Solar Plant in S. Hemisphere Planned
  730. 2011/10/26: CSM: In India, SELCO blazes an entrepreneurial trail to bring solar power to the people
  731. 2011/10/24: TP:JR: Solar Freedom: Ranking States with the Best Solar PV Interconnection Policies
  732. 2011/10/25: TreeHugger: By 2031, Could Solar Be Main Source of Energy for Many Utilities?
  733. 2011/10/25: NBF: Solar Power is getting cheaper and getting grid stabilized with natural gas
  734. 2011/10/25: NBF: Breakthrough Furnace Can Cut Solar Costs with 1200 wafers per hour of 20 percent efficient solar cells
  735. 2011/10/24: EurActiv: Solar heating 'can provide over half of households' hot water
    Solar heating systems can provide over half of households' hot water needs, according to the largest ever field trial of the green energy devices, conducted in the UK.
  736. 2011/10/24: Grist: Tile your roof with solar shingles

    Feed-In-Tariffs are being variously implemented around the world:

  737. 2011/10/26: TP:JR: Which Are Cheaper? Tradeable Credits or Feed-in Tariffs?
  738. 2011/10/25: PlanetArk: Italy, Serbia Agree Renewable Power Feed-In Tariffs

    The nuclear energy controversy continues:

  739. 2011/10/27: PlanetArk: China Environment Minister Says Nuclear Safety Risks Climbing
  740. 2011/10/26: BNC: Fuel use for Gen III+ nuclear power
  741. 2011/10/24: EneNews: Fire at Swedish nuke plant -- Reactor shut down for safety reasons -- Extinguished by rescue workers -- Cause of blaze unknown

    Nuclear waste storage requires _very_ long term thinking:

  742. 2011/10/26: BBC: Work to start on Dounreay low-level waste store
    Work to construct a £100m store to hold low-level radioactive waste from Dounreay is due to start next month. The dump at the former experimental nuclear power plant in Caithness will have six vaults, with the first vault expected to open in 2014. Low-level rubbish includes paper, rags, tools, glass, concrete and clothing contaminated by radioactivity. The demolition and clean-up of the Dounreay plant is expected to create 240,000 tonnes of such waste.
  743. The Rossi Energy Catalyzer keeps coming up:

  744. 2011/10/28: NBF: Video of Rossi Claiming Breakthrough with Energy Catalyzer test of October 28, 2011
  745. 2011/10/28: NBF: Wired UK and Forbes coverage of the Rossi Energy Catalyzer
  746. 2011/10/28: NBF: Reports on the Rossi 1 MW October 28, 2011 test
  747. 2011/10/28: NBF: The Rossi one megawatt Energy Catalyzer test has started and reports 470 kW maintained continuously during self-sustained operation with customer satisfied
  748. 2011/10/28: PESWiki: Test of the One Megawatt E-Cat
  749. 2011/10/28: E-CatWorld: E-Day Thread: Rossi's 1 MW E-Cat Plant Tested By First Customer
  750. 2011/10/27: E-CatWorld: October 28th E-Cat Test Pre-Game Thread...
  751. 2011/10/23: NBF: Rossi's E-Cat Commercialization Plans for November and Beyond

    The possibility of a Hydrogen Economy shimmers on the horizon:

  752. 2011/10/28: MIT: Highly efficient oxygen catalyst found
    New catalyst, made of inexpensive and abundant materials, could prove useful in rechargeable batteries and hydrogen-fuel production.
  753. More people are talking about the electrical grid:

  754. 2011/10/27: SciAm:GB: Vehicle-to-grid technology: Electric cars become power-grid batteries
  755. 2011/10/24: TP:JR: China Aims to Dominate U.S. in Smart Grid Investments Just As It Has With Renewables

    Automakers & lawyers, engineers & activists argue over the future of the car:

  756. 2011/10/27: TreeHugger: Delorean (Yes, That Delorean) Goes Electric
  757. 2011/10/27: AutoBG: Fisker fighting back against ABC(US) News, right wing inaccuracies
  758. 2011/10/27: AutoBG: Study: hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will grow slower than expected

    The reaction of business to climate change will be critical:

  759. 2011/10/28: TreeHugger: Drought & Floods Cutting Profits For Major Retailers
  760. 2011/10/25: Grist: Investors representing $20 trillion get behind climate change prevention

    Joe Romm posts a daily list of top energy and climate stories:

  761. 2011/10/28: TP:JR: October 28 News...
  762. 2011/10/27: TP:JR: Global News...
  763. 2011/10/26: TP:JR: October 26 News...
  764. 2011/10/25: TP:JR: October 25 News...
  765. 2011/10/25: TP:JR: Global News...
  766. 2011/10/24: TP:JR: October 24 News...

    Other (weekly) lists:

  767. 2011/10/27: CER: This Week in Energy: Geothermal's Potential
  768. 2011/10/24: BPA: Agriculture News

    The carbon lobby are up to the usual:

  769. 2011/10/29: TP:JR: The 1% Have a Stranglehold on Politics: New Al Jazeera Documentary Sheds Light on the Koch Brothers
  770. 2011/10/28: ERabett: The Law of Climate Change Denial
  771. 2011/10/29: NYT:PK: Denial In Depth
  772. 2011/10/29: ERabett: Denial in Depth
  773. 2011/10/30: PSinclair: A Parable
  774. 2011/10/28: BCLSB: By Day He Denies, Part III
  775. 2011/10/27: DeSmogBlog: Lord Lawson's Global Warming Policy Foundation Mistaken On Actual Facts
  776. 2011/10/26: TAP: Climate Control -- As their ranks diminish, global warming skeptics target scientists
  777. 2011/10/26: PSinclair: Junior Woodchucks: No Climate Change
  778. 2011/10/26: TreeHugger: Understanding the Anti-Science Blogger: Contagion Screenwriter Talks To Jude Law's Character (Video) [d]
  779. 2011/10/30: HotTopic: Wrapped up in books: Don Easterbrook drags Elsevier through the mud
  780. 2011/10/24: DeSmogBlog: Why Hard Core Climate "Skeptics" Don't Change Their Minds
  781. 2011/10/24: OilChange: From selling cigarettes to dirty oil
  782. 2011/10/23: ITracker: Idiot comment of the day: the circle of denial

    As for climate miscellanea:

  783. 2011/10/29: DeSmogBlog: Byron Kennard: Why I'm Ridiculing Climate Deniers
  784. 2011/10/28: Grist: Cool energy-storage projects make mockery of politicians' pessimism
  785. 2011/10/28: SciAm:Obs: Can Collective Intelligence Provide Answers to Climate Change Questions?
  786. 2011/10/27: Guardian(UK): Facebook builds 'green' datacentre in Sweden
  787. 2011/10/27: moyhu: A Javascript index for Moyhu
  788. 2011/10/27: ERabett: Sing Along with RayP
  789. 2011/10/25: SciNow: The Sun'll Come Out Tomorrow? Maybe Not
  790. 2011/10/24: Grist: Dangerous levels of warming could happen in your lifetime
  791. 2011/10/23: TreeHugger: Proof of Global Domination By a Few Corporations

    And here are a couple of sites you may find interesting and/or useful:

  792. Citizens Climate Lobby -- Creating the political will for a sustainable climate
  793. E-CatWorld
  794. WCRP OSC - Climate Research in Service to Society -- 24-28 October 2011 - Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel, Denver, CO, USA
  795. GeoSymbio
  796. FreeRice
  797. Wiki: Thermohaline circulation
  798. ECC: Economics of Climate Change
  799. CuttingTheCarbon
  800. UNFPA: United Nations Population Fund
  801. EcoNexus
  802. SciBlogs - New Zealand science blog
  803. SEARCH: Study of Environmental Arctic Change
  804. SolarBuzz
  805. Wiki: Precautionary principle

    Low Key Plug

    New Web Site:

    I have a new website. Everything that was on Autobahn has been ported over. I have 100 megs to play with here, so the Archives will get deeper.

    My first novel Water was published in Canada May, 2007. The American release was in October. An Introductionto the novel is available, along with the Unpublished Forewordand the Launch Talk(which includes some quotations), An overview of my writing is available here.



    P.S. Recent postings can be found in the week archive and the ancient postings can be accessed here, which should open to this.

    I notice moyhu has set up a monster index to old AWoGWN on AFTIC.

    "We know that the rise in temperatures over the past five decades is abrupt and very large. We know it is consistent with models developed by other climate researchers that posit greenhouse gas emissions -- the burning of fossil fuels by humans -- as the cause. And now we know, thanks to Muller, that those other scientists have been both careful and honorable in their work.

    Nobody's fudging the numbers. Nobody's manipulating data to win research grants, as Perry claims, or making an undue fuss over a "naturally occurring" warm-up, as Bachmann alleges. Contrary to what Cain says, the science is real.

    It is the know-nothing politicians -- not scientists -- who are committing an unforgivable fraud." -Eugene Robinson


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