Another Week of GW News, September 2, 2012

Logging the Onset of The Bottleneck Years

This weekly posting is brought to you courtesy of H. E. Taylor. Happy reading, I hope you enjoy this week's Global Warming news roundup

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Another Week of Climate Disruption News

Information is not Knowledge...Knowledge is notWisdom

September 2, 2012



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The things that pass for humour nowadays:


Low Key Plug


My first novel Water was published in Canada May, 2007. The American release was in October. An Introductionto the novel is available, along with the Unpublished Forewordand the Launch Talk(which includes some quotations), An overview of my writing is available here.



P.S. Recent postings can be found in the week archive and the ancient postings can be accessed here, which should open to this.

I notice moyhu has set up a monster index to old AWoGWN on AFTIC.

"The only game in town is the Last Ton game, where the lower the amount of fossil fuels burnt before the last ton is burnt, the better the ultimate result is for humanity and pretty much all other species." -Michael Tobis


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