Take a ride on Denial!

Inferno is back at it at Denial Depot, and as always it is good for more than a few laughs!  I particularily enjoyed this comment he/she added in the thread under the latest post on artic ice:

Although that said, Earth's polar axis of rotation has only been reliably observed during the last 30 years of accurate satellite measurements, which as any credible climate denier will tell is is a mere drop in the ocean of Earth's thousands of years climate history. It's far too short to draw any conclusions from. So we must admit that long ago as 1900 the Earth may have rotated top to bottom instead of left to right. Scientists just don't know and taxes should not be levied on the matter.

As for climate models they have the Earth spinning at insane speeds due to unrealistic feedbacks. Gavin Schmidt himself has admitted that in a month of real time, 100-150 years passes in the model world (http://www.realclimate.org/index.php/archives/2008/11/faq-on-climate-mo…). So it's exactly like the movie Inception, except more unrealistic. In fact I suppose climate models must spin so fast that any innocent children and/or nuns passing by would be injured if they put their hands in (and climate scientists are supposedly fine with this!).

As a comment on just how ridiculous some of the serious climate contrarians out there are, there continue to be plenty of people who take him seriously.

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Is it Crakar using spell check?

See, now, THAT was a poe. Someone who thought they were being obviously sarcastic, but it doesn't seem so to some...

Unless the one agreeing just did a poe themselves.


wow, how much taxpayers money are you paid for your insane climate indecency trolling work here? are you paid by gore? are you paid by hansen? are you paid by mann? don't lie for once and admit the truth!!!!!!!!


Being that Al Gore invented and owns the internet and all, I bet he has a fairly large contribution to the intenet wealth redistribution ponzi scheme we all know as global warming. I would be willing to bet this site is linked to some government funded crap for brains organization. being that WE THE PEOPLE are the government, I say we put it on the ballot in November to make mentioning global warming a felony and arrest everyone at the UN who is pushing this Agenda 21 New World Order gestapo bullshit.

If you make a wish to the carbon fairy, she will make man made-up global warming go away.

oh goody. Looks like this website is run by Soviet communists who censor the opposition at all costs. Guess I may be headed for a FEMA detention center next Mr. New World Order? Not likely. Fuck censors and fuck the New World Order.

Now, go sit in your global warming corner, gnaw on your government cheese, and jack off while I destroy Agenda 21 and its dark agents of satanic evil. May Agenda 21 fuck a monkey.

By Ed Compton (not verified) on 27 Sep 2012 #permalink

You green ecoterrorists may think you are going to control the world, but you have a nother thing coming. Your FEMA detention centers will be mepty becuase we would rather die fighting you than be prisoners of your satanic socialistic globalist ideals. The UN has no jusrisdiction on my sovereign domain and any effort at global eco terrorism and US takeover will be met with fierce oposition.

Yes we know of the plans that the left wingers have to disarm ignoant country folks who "cling to their guns and religion". We also know WHY you want the populace disarmed and dismantled. So that your globalist plans can be dsipersed without consent and without oppostion.

Not going to happen. If UN troops showed up inside of the united States and tried to disarm America, then only rssult would be many UN Troops witjout heads, balls, and spines, becuase they would be mercilessly slaughtered on sight without question becuase our freedom is more valueable than your eco hell and your global Muslim caliphate which your Islamic allies are planning. Your New World Order looks rather bleak.

Besides, even if your side wins and does wipe us "rich" people out, you have another storm brewing. It;s called the Ressurection. Jesus Christ and every person who has ever died iin His name in the last 6500 years of human history on this planet will return with an Army. An invincible eternal army with billions of soldiers and hundreds of thousands of legions of eternal powerful agnelic special forces.

Then, it's OUR turn to punish the evil globalists, the caliphates, the ecos, etc.

So, before you get your global eco terror plan established, you might want to consider that you are outnumber by at least a few hundred billion soldiers who are invincible and ready to take vengenance for their death. If I were you, I woul change sides. At this point, your pathetic little eco UN Agenda 21 thingy is quite laughable since we know it will burn in the end. If I were you, I would ditch this eco crap and UN crap and globalist crap and change sides before it;s too late.

Looks like the end may happen within the next few years. Israel has already returned to their promised land that GOD GAVE them 3500 years ago. The temple is being rebuilt. Iran has the anti-christ (Mahdi) in their country as we speak and the world economy will be crashed on purpose in order to arise one man to rule all nations.

Guess what. When billions of super soldiers from heavne show up, we'll give him and his followers a new definition of eternal damnation.

If I were you, I would change sides while I still can. if not, Sorry, looks like we get to throw you in the fire in the end.

By Will Nelson (not verified) on 27 Sep 2012 #permalink

I am not sure who the troll is, but maybe you should have left the post up just in case something goes horribly wrong and we need evidence of insanity.

NJ, given your lack of intelligence as evidenced by your use of the borrowed meme "Al Gore invented the internet", which only those who have no brain consider relevant to AGW, can I ask you this:

Why are you so hateful of the job creators and the wealthy?

Al Gore is wealthy, but he is NOT a job creator. He should pay his fair share of taxes and not hide money in off shore bank accounts. Neither should Ted Turner, Micheal Moore, George Soros and all other "poor" democrats.

American Global Warming (AGW) is not real.

Well, actually man made weather is quite real. HAARP projects by the US Air Force and similar weather warfare weapons used by the Chinese and Russians make man made climate change a very real issue.

But as for carbon particle floating around annoying liberals, I doubt it. If the carbon dust is so bad, ask your carbon fairy to remove this curse.

Can I ask you a question?

How many liberals does it tak to change a CFL light bulb?

Let's count: One to form a committee of seven to discuss what method of change will be implemented. That panel of seven plus one must then go before a UN Security Council to ask for global funds to form a military to ensure that a peacful change of light bulbs occur where mandated.

From that 25 million man army, at least half have to be special forces to prevent the black market sale of real light bulbs. Those same light bulbs that caused invisible magical carbon particles to build up and kill all life on mars.

Then the UN council, military, and committe must meet with American communists in congress to ensure a federal law and mandate is created to force people against their will to change light bulbs. We must ensure that a reasonable tax penalty is given for those evil white rich people who will not comply.

Free lights bulbs will be given to the poor courtesy of evil rich white people. These redistributed wealth/reparational light bulbs will go to the "poor" people whpo have a hard time buying groceries and paying rent, but often times still find a way to buy loud boomboxes and shiny wheels for their Escalades and Tahoes while smiling with gold teeth and pecking away on their latest smart phone and watching their 235 channel sattelite tv system on their brand new 55 inch tv. Yeah,. those "poor" people.

In conclusion, it takes many commies to change a light bulb. We on the right have a better system. We leave the light bulb alone and live with it and if you come to take it away, you get plastered with 12 gauge buckshot. Compliance is not adhered in the world of common sense.

Simple. stick with the old stuff that works ansd stop changing stuff in the name of your pagan earth worship religion. I do not believe in your carbon dust fairies and if they are real, I'll invite them over for supper. We are about to hav roast commie.

The real sad part of my tirade is that the black market sale of 100 watt incandescent light bulbs is real. In England, home of free people (laughs hysterically), there is a real black market for these light bulbs.

In the future of the tv show COPS, we will probably see people get arrested not for cocaine possesion, but for light bulb possesion and black market distribution.

A government that has enough power to regulate what type of light bulb a sovereign individual must use is a government that has way too much damned power. Government should not have even 10 percent of that much power. I say if they want our light bulbs they can pull down their britches and bend over. We will gladly donate them up their lying greedy tyrannical ass.

By Wow (not) (not verified) on 28 Sep 2012 #permalink

These are all poes, right?

Then again, maybe the realization that they have hitched their wagon to a loser silver spoon candidate who is sinking like a pair of cement overshoes in Newark Bay has sent some people irretrievably over the edge.

Most of us do not really support Romney, but we realize that one rich capitalist with experience in finances has to be better than a Kenyan born muslim who pays tribute to the likes of terrorists like Bill Ayers and radical preachers of hate like the infamous Reverend Jeremiah Wrong.

Besides, Obama has the aid of the chicago mob, labor union thugs, left wing radicals, eco terrorists, population control eco freaks (Van Jones), UN Agenda 21 globalists, and the Muslim Brotherhood. There is not a chance in hell he will lose this election. I will write in m y vote for Ron paul, but I am placing my $5,000 bet on Obama to win.

Don't get me wrong. I am pulling foir Obama to win. I have a lot of money at stake in a bet. besides. The faster he wins, the faster he can drag the world down into desolate chaos and the faster the New World Order can place the Mahdi (anti-christ) into power and this world can end. The faster thus happens the faster the ressurection can occur and evil be destroyed and the people of God rule the earth once again.

So, I do hope he wins the election. That benefits everything the book of Revelation has predicted and it benefits my eternal dwelling and place of ruling to be a little closer each day.

Now, in the words of my mentor Ann Coulter,

"Be happy. Smile. Enjoy life. Annoy a liberal. "

My pust was diluted. My apologies. seek ye rather the kindom of diluted posts in order to retrieveth my last words. Ye shall ask of King laden and he shalt smite thee. If he don;t I might. Funny thing. You are invalid becuase you believe that magical carbon fairies are heating the earth and that man evolved from apes.

Of course this post will probably be diluted as well. That's ok. I'll write my last post on an atheist billboard for all to see and then see if he erases that. The next time I hear some liberal professor speak about American Global Warming (AGW) I will shout to tye top of my lungs "WE DO NOT BELIEVE IN MAGICAL CARBON FAIRIES WHO HEAT THE EARTH!"

I will probably be escorted out, but it will be well worth it. My next plan is to attend a marxist Occupy crap rally and hold up a sign that reads EXACTLY my last diluted post. I do hope reporters notice. As a matter of fact I intend on parading it in front of them so that they have to notice. You will recognize me in the Occupy rally very well I will be wearing a boonie hat, 5.11 tactical britches, and a combat boots. I will be carrying my sign in one hand and a confederate flag in the other. The sign will read what Greg last diluted from my post but the four corners will be significant.

In the top right hand corner there will be an executioner with an axe chopping off the heads of Che and Marx. In the bottom right hand corner a depiction of God judging homersexuality in America. The top left hand corner will be charles darwin praying to Allah. The Bottom left hand conrer will depict Al Gore bowing to little carbon fairies on a full moon night. The entire background will be the Holy Bible while the backside of the sign will say "America. A downhill slide since the summer of sin (1967). "

That really should get some attention.

Now if you will excuse me, I have to check on my hoot owl pie.

By Stochastic the… (not verified) on 28 Sep 2012 #permalink

yes they are all po.

By Michael Haubrich (not verified) on 28 Sep 2012 #permalink

I can see it all now. In secret Al Gore goes out and bows to little carbon faires in the light of the full moon.

By Michael Haubrich (not verified) on 28 Sep 2012 #permalink

And asbestos. What kind of a tyrannical government thinks it can tell me how much asbestos I can and can't use around my home?

By Vince Whirlwind (not verified) on 28 Sep 2012 #permalink

exusian, the problem may be that there's a nigger in the whitehouse and they can't take it.

Wow, you just crossed the line, poe or not.

Not really, exusian.

The problem is that. That is how they would say it, so why should I couch it other than that.

The point of doing so is to raise into stark contrast the meme that is driving them.

If it makes you feel better, cast it in the voice of Slim Pickens in Blazing Saddles.

Hey kai, Ed Compton, and Wow(not): what are your thoughts on the Apollo moon landings?

By Mal Adapted (not verified) on 29 Sep 2012 #permalink

@Mal Adapted (not)

The Apollo Moon landing was a complete success. Our astronauts confirmed what the Illuminati already suspected - that there are entities living there under domes and in large structures. President Kennedy wanted this information public. The CIA and the Masons did not. We all know how that ended.

President Obama heeded the warning of the grey alines living underground on the moon who are operating mining operations and using it as another underground base despite their numerous bases here. We were warned not to go back to the moon. A few days later Obama announced the end of moon missions.

Apollo 21 was a CIA mission. The crew landed and collected a number of mummidied humanoid looking bodies from an anormous craft that evidently has been there quite a long time.

Now that modern camera and telescope technology has gained some ground amatuer astronomers are gazing at the moon at closer ranges than some of the sattelites sent up to orbt it years ago. And on top of this new ability, the pictures are clearer. So, when some kid discovers a crashed ship on the moon in stunning clarity, let's see how long NASA and the CIA lets him live.

In 1953 our president signed a contract with the greys. We would allow them to live here undetected in military underground bases and do enetic experimentation on humans and animals. In return they would share their technology.

If you are reading this, you own a piece of that technology. Semi conductors, EMPs, etc are some of what they gave us. The latest technology seen is the ability to cloak. In Iraq, an Al Jazeera cameraman hiding from the battling forces between our soldiers and Iranian backed Al Qaeda terrorists witnessed first hand this new invisible technology. I saw the video myself but I can no longer find it on the internet. It first appeared on Al jazeera, then on You tube. It has since vanished. In the video we see a US tank rolling in with soldiers close by firing at islamic terrorists. All of a sudden this shadow like figure walks in front of the tank. You can tell it is the outline of a soldier, but after the figure walsk past the tank, complete invisibility. Then once again the soldier outline reappears and runs behind the tank weapon drawn. End of video.

I personally saw this video and was impressed. The cameramand actually mumbled "what the hell is that"? We are using some unusual technology over there.

We are not the only ones to benefit from alien technology. In the mid 1980s a craft crashed in the Iraqi desert. On of the little ugly critters was alive. It was taken direct to Saddam. It lived for a while. Rumor has it Saddam tortured it until it gave in to his demands to created a new weapon technology for hs army.

Get this. George HW Bush was persnally a memeber of the original MJ-12 team assigned to investigate UFO related matter long before he became CIA director. Both he and his some belongs to the Skull and Bones society and to the Illuminati. An organization long believed to be in league with some characters not from this world.

Now, it was right around the time of saddam's invasion into Kuwait that his alien wepaons program was in the final stages. He got cocky and felt invincible. Little did he know we had that technlology long before he did and that the same greys he captured actually worked for us.

Now, when George W. Bush decided to invade Iraq becuase saddam had "weapons of mass destruction", Bush did not lie. He told a half truth. Saddam never had a nuclear weapon, but he did have stockpiles of weapons grade anthrax and VX nerve gas which are technically WMDs is used correctly.

Now to the fun facts. On the day that Saddam's sons were killed. The alien technology that Saddam forced this little gey into making for him was used on our troops. We had several Abrahms tanks there in a massive firefight. We do not know for sure who fired the shot, but it is believed that one of Saddam's sons, in a panic mode, brought out a secret weapon and fired it. The US soldiers there confirmed that a bleu beam was fired directly from the direction that Saddam's sons and other militants were held up at. That blue beam blew large hole all the way through that abrahms tank and kept going. The armor of the tank became red hot and the soldiers inside left. There are a number of soldeirs that will confirm that story.

So, perhaps we did invade to keep Sadam from building WMDs. Just not the kind we are used to seeing.

Oh and in Afghanistan. It was reported that a team of Green Berets were hot on the trail of taliban fighters who run into a cave to hide. Suddenly the taliban militants were firing in all directions while running out of the cave screaming. Behind the the US soldiers witnessed a 20 foot tall red haired giant emerge from the cave with a dead taliban soldier in its hand. It hured the taliban militant at our guys and started thrwoing large boulders at everyone shooting at it. The story ends when our green berets join forces with the same taliban whom there engaged with and it took both sides to take this thing down. It was reported that this 20 foot tall giant with six fingers on each hand and ix toes on each foot was flown to a military base in Colorado.

Of course this was not the first report of giants in the area. The Bible often talked about a race of violent giants living in certain areas. Even in Mississippi and Arizona there are native american tales of giants whom they wiped out.

Putative WOW at 9:38 AM:

Outstanding! Are you published?

By Mal Adapted (not verified) on 30 Sep 2012 #permalink

What is the optimal temperature of the planet, to the nearest degree Celsius?

By Global Warming… (not verified) on 30 Sep 2012 #permalink

wow, frankly, are you mentally ill? how do you dare to stand in such a deplorable partisan way on the republicans' side. you are an ugly conservative troll who wants to destroy his putative peers by deceiving dirt

"....What is the optimal temperature of the planet, to the nearest degree Celsius?..."

Minus 5!

By steve the polar bear (not verified) on 01 Oct 2012 #permalink

"...What is the optimal temperature of the planet, to the nearest degree Celsius?..." Minus 5.

No it's not - it's 100 degrees!

By Hyperthermophile (not verified) on 01 Oct 2012 #permalink

“…What is the optimal temperature of the planet, to the nearest degree Celsius?…”

13-15C. The same temperature we have organised our cities, ports and farms around.

But what does an optimal temperature of the planet, to the nearest degree (why?) have to do with climate change?

After kai's last comment, I'm convinced it's a bot.

By Mal Adapted (not verified) on 01 Oct 2012 #permalink

Or a child.

How dare you stand on the side of the United Nations and their treason and how dare you take part in a global ponzi scheme designed to redistribute wealth and fund global governance. How dare you worship carbon fairies and mother earth. G od said "TOU SHALT NOT HAVE ANY OTHER GODS BEFORE ME" yet there you are worshipping the environment as a religion. A false religion in which you will answer for one day.

Yes I take the Repbican's side. I dare not venture into the dark side of the force and join forces with Emperor Obama and the democrap party. I am for freedom. Sovereign individuality, not the common good. I am neither a marxist, a socialist, a communist, or a criminal. I have no need to join the democrat party. I ex[pect not a handout for I recieve a paycheck every friday and give 33 percent of it to father government already to redistribute it back to the poor people who cannot afford rent but somehow manages to buy gold teeth, loud boomboxes, and shiny wheels for their new cadillac Escalades and a new big screen tv to match with their 200 channel sattelite package. Yeah those poor people.

I believe in national sovereignty and strength, not the UN. I believe in real science, not science fiction of your carbon fairies sprinkling their carbon dust over the earth while we sleep. I believe that man was created in the image of God by God Himself. Democrats believe man evolved froma mankey and therefore it is ok to protest and behave like one.

I believe in real marriage between one man and one woman. Democrats believe in sin and openly promote it and ask everone around them to help fund it. I believe that life begin at conception and that every child living inside the womb should have a fighting chance at survival. Democrats believe in fornication and more sin. They believ you have the right to fornicate without any punishment or negative consequences and then if that single woman gets pregnant she should be able to slaiughter the child within her simply because that child will be an inconveninence to her future. She should be made to accept repsonsibility and so should the father. They may not be punished in this life, but they will stand before God one day and the tired old lie satan has you telling about "it's my body" or "my choice" simply will not hold up on the other side of eternity.

There are som thing Repubs do that I do not agree with, like keep on sending money to countries over seas, funding the IMF and world bak, and funding the UN. All of it we should pull away from and reclaim our national sovereighnty. We should pull all of our troops from every country, reclaim our sovereignty, rebuild our military, wall off our borders, and become a great nation once again instead of a pawn for the UN and EU. We can do it. We could grow our own (non GMO) food, pump our own oil, make our own items etc and not even be a part of the global economy and make it just fine being an independent sovereign military power.

So, why would I join the democrap party ehen everything they stand for is either sinful, globalist, pagan in nature, and morally wrong, not to mention their policies weaken our sovereign military strength?

I do not agree with out war in Iraq. You and I may agree that invading Iraq was the wrong thing to do. However, I feel invading afghanistan was wrong too. After 9/11 we should have announced that we did not know who was repsonsible for the attack and then all of a suddne one day show up on Bin laden's doorsteps with our entire military force and invade from all side and drive him and his group into a small ravine, cluster bomb (a few thousand) the hell out of it and come home. The smartest strategy in any ground war is to gather massive forces on four side of the enemy and start cornering the enemy in. Once you have him cut off with nowhere to run, wipe them out with cluster bombs, EMPS, napalm, and whatever else you can use to get the job done. Our forces are weak. They show too much mercy and have too many rules of war that prevents soldiers from taking out the enemy.

Sad to say it, but if another civil war breaks out in the US and the military gets involved, the other side will NOT be going by the rules. Their only rule will be WIN AT ALL COSTS. The taliba has done this and yet they remain as powerful as they were 11 years ago. Becuase our military still uses Geneva laws and rules that weaken our ability to win a war.

"How dare you stand on the side of the United Nations and their treason"

Another example of a 'merkin who thinks that the entire world is the USA...

No, not the entire world. Just a large chunk of North America. We should wall off our portion and militarize it.

You are an example of one who thinks the whole world is the United Nations. The UN served a good purpose when it was first created, but they have way too much authority and power now. They are all for population control and even believe in little faires that sprinkle carbon dust on the earth to warm it up. They are pathetic and we should pull all US taxpayer funds from it until it dumps all the left wingt crap and reorganize itself to serve the purpose for which it was created.

By Fred Hidgens (not verified) on 04 Oct 2012 #permalink

The purpose of the UN is defined in Article 1 of the UN Charter. There are 4 paragraphs, and the 3rd one states:

3.To achieve international co-operation in solving international problems of an economic, social, cultural, or humanitarian character..........

So ummmmm.... what do you think is the purpose for which it (the UN) is created Fred? I bet it isn't the one defined in the charter.

"No, not the entire world"

How can the UN be a traitor, then?

They aren't US citizens.

You don't seem to know what traitor means, for you it looks only like yet another meaningless insult that you've been told to use.

"You are an example of one who thinks the whole world is the United Nations."

And you draw that conclusion from what? Or is this yet another meaningless phrase you've been told to use?

wow and mandas: i can tell you what traitors are: people like you are traitors since you spoil science for your ego and rotten socio poilitical green leftist doomism. shame on you, you traitors of scientific honesty and truth: you are representatives of people showing the deepest levels of human intellect, morale and ethics

Not a US citizen either.


wow and mandas are unfortunately communist green climate trolls without substantial education in any dimension, and not accountable for what they are trying to say: as us citizen, one should feel guilty for everything and you should give all your money to others, especially in the south.

mandas' and wow's level of thinking and perceiving is primitive to a degree which i never believed possible. i assume they are unemployed europeans suffering from substantial hatred of the rich and succesful, especially in the united states

Still not a US citizen.

Kai accuses, "...trolls without substantial education...".

Kai, the day you can construct even a single paragraph demonstrating a basic grasp of literacy is the day you might begin to think about whether others are even less educated than yourself.

By Vince Whirlwind (not verified) on 07 Oct 2012 #permalink

I thought we were traitors, child.

And what, precisely, is wrong about any of communism or environmentalism?

Is it that you subscribe to the idea that you can only vote for one party? That's rather stalinist of you, child.