"Our Greatest Challenge" - Symphony of Science

I first saw this video at Planet 3.0 a fair while ago and have seen it posted again since.  I find it very uplifting despite being a jaded climate blogger of many years.  There are many other science-based music videos at www.symphonyofscience.com and I have listened/watch most (all?) of them, but this is the best as well as being on topic here.

I think it is just about the perfect mix of the various elements of outreach needed to motivate the general public: explanation, urgency and optimism.

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I think I saw this on Planet 3.0, but wherever, the video below, documenting the late Stephen Sneider's remarkable efforts to communicate the urgency and nuance of our climate crises to the public, is very well done. Please watch.
A very good video on the gulf that exists between the climate science experts and the general population in terms of awareness and alarm regarding anthropogenic climate change: (from a comment on a P3 thread) The essence of this impending calamity is, more than anything else, a story of betrayal:…
How cool is this? I found that via yesterday's APOD. It is video taken by Deep Impact looking back from 50 million km (31 million miles) away in space.
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