Orac knows quackery

As promised, here is the first list of links of "classic insolence" from the old blog. For new readers, this is a place to start as far as my writings about quackery and dubious alternative medicine:

  • What is an "altie"?
  • Understanding alternative medicine "testimonials" for cancer cures
  • Battling quackery in conventional medicine
  • How can intelligent people use alternative medicine?
  • The Orange Man
  • How not to win friends and influence people
  • Polio returns, thanks to anti-vaccination zealots
  • Antivaccination rhetoric running rampant on the Huffington Post (Part 2; Part 3; Part 4; Part 5; Part 6)
  • Salon.com flushes its credibility down the toilet (Part 2: Swimming through the thimerosal; part 3: Thimerosal and autism: Two questions)
  • Sadly, it was only a matter of time: An autistic boy dies during chelation therapy (followups: Kirby tries to cover his posterior; Selective outrage over treatment-related deaths; The autopsy results; The CDC flubs it
  • Argh! Chelationists are mailing pitches to my office! Also see Part 2: Satisfaction; and Part 3: Revenge of the chelationist
  • Is Bill Maher really that ignorant? (plus: Bill Maher: Antivax wingnut)
  • More antivaccination nonsense...but not from Bill Maher this time
  • The "pharma shill" gambit
  • Avoiding scientific delusions
  • Just what your water needs: More electrons!
  • "Alternative" nutrition takes the life of a baby
  • Stem cell quackery
  • Dr. Buttar has a new protocol
  • The HIV/AIDS denialist files: Another tragically unnecessary death of a child (plus: An HIV/AIDS "skeptic" questions my honesty and decency...; More rebuttals of HIV/AIDS "skeptics"; The Eliza Jane Scovill case on Primetime Live; and One last thought on the Al-Bayati report
  • More evidence that alternative medicine boosters don't really want scientific evaluation of their therapies
  • More antivaccination nonsense..but not from Bill Maher this time
  • Airborne: Created by a schoolteacher, so it must work!
  • The sociology of the antivaccination movement
  • Dubious therapy of the week: "Touchless" chiropractic
  • More like this

    I know CSICOP had attempted to start a magazine devoted to Alternate Medicine, but checking their site I don't see it listed. Do you know what happened to it.

    I have been reading some of youe articles on the alties, and they are great. Have you ever considered putting some of them together and submitting them as a book? I wouldn't be surpised if Prometheus wanted it, or even a mainstream publisher.


    By Prup aka Jim Benton (not verified) on 14 Feb 2006 #permalink

    Prup, aka Jim Benton,

    You are looking for "The Scientific Review of Alternative Medicine." As far as I know, the latest published issue was winter 2004/2005 (yes, over a year ago).


    I picked up the March 2006 copy of Prevention Magazine, and in it was a huge article about how effective hypnotherapy is for all sorts of medical conditions and interventions. Have you commented before- I will search your other site- or would you comment now. The claim that interested me- among others- is how it is possible to heal warts with hypnotherapy. I have heard this from a psychologist before, thought it was stupid, and would like your take on it if possible. Thank You.

    By impatientpatient (not verified) on 14 Feb 2006 #permalink