Science merit badges for Orac!

This one's been floating around the science blogosphere for about a week or two now. I tried to resist its pull, but finally I have given in and decided that, if you've got it, flaunt it, baby!

In any case, I'm talking about a bunch of merit badges for scientists (a.k.a. "The Order of Science Scouts of Exemplary Repute and Above Average Physique," although I may not qualify for that latter part.

And which ones did I earn? Well, take a look (click on the badges to see what each one signifies):

i-be6e6215ae5bb1ba7d3c9cb77009888e-01talk.jpg i-bd613b7dabc385ed01821cbccddbe70e-06blog.jpg i-def23097696b17edb222e8abe1d73e67-08openflame.jpg i-26961b98c0d6fbdc393e6412a91efce6-10quackery.jpg
i-4534db3fd83a1b36edb353e1d83ea28d-16prick.jpg i-960150bed0668f57e5eecdfb8ebdf329-17organs.jpg
i-e3a13141f4084af236a8d93256e20d56-19ice1.jpg i-fdca997c52829789ca0d80285ad2e51f-20ice2.jpg i-8ed67ca7fea5a30a204faeb5d9d404eb-21ice3.jpg
i-947bf3da576d47eb68100f7ed7cfb6e3-22radioactivity.jpg i-f504db5f0bde37e4ca4e69388107d0f8-36cloner.jpg i-70effb9ae615bfe53b9a898913ea7121-31useless.jpg i-9697afe03b165ab93f2b1c3fc4bfd84b-30worship.jpg

(Sadly, I'm not likely ever to duplicate that last one.)

And, finally, the one that you all know that Orac must have:


So, dear readers, tell me which, if any, of the badges you've earned!

ADDENDUM: New badges have been added, and, wouldn' you know it, I'm eligible for a couple of more:


Don't ask. It involved a lab accident that happened while I was working alone in the lab on a Sunday morning back in 1998.

Here's one more:


All I can say is that it involved rats and an ill-fated project that sought to deliver gene therapy by enema. Maybe it's the origin of my unhealthy fascination with EneMan.

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For the "experience with eletrical shock, level III" badge ("in which the recipient has had experience with the electrical shocking of himself/herself"), does it stil count if it was accidental?


Does repairing a dishwasher by making a replacement seal/o-ring out of a used margarine tub qualify for both the 'MacGyver' and 'my degree inadvertantly makes me competent in fixing household appliances' badges?


How about replacing a dryer belt with several strips of duct-tape folded onto itelf?

No again?


Good to see that you've fessed up as a Pharma Shill!



For the sciencescouts creators

The "has frozen stuff just to see what happens" badge (LEVEL III)
Highly Proficient:
The "experienced with electrical shock" badge (LEVEL I)
Unwittingly proficient:
The "experienced with electrical shock" badge (LEVEL II/III)
Trying hard for:
The "worship me - I've published in Nature or Science" badge.

Watch out for the imposters! In the Army, they're called PX Rangers

Back in my scientist days I earned the following:
"Sexing up science"
"I'm pretty confident around open flame"
"Has frozen stuff level III"
"Science with no conceivablle practical application," which would sadly apply to my attempted Masters thesis.

These days, I'll cop to:
"Talking science"
"Arts and crafts"
"I left the respectable sciences to paint science fiction," er, I mean, "pursue humanistic studies of the sciences"
"I may look like a scientist but I'm also a ninja"
"I'm into telescopes I"
"Electrical Shock III" (ouch)
"Inordinately fond of invertebrates."

Oh, and I guess I'm a Pharma Shill, too, as I'm continually spouting the praises of my medications! Yay, medications!

By Melissa G (not verified) on 19 Feb 2007 #permalink

I'll admit to qualifying for these ones:
"Talking science"
"Pretty confident around an open flame"
"Destroyer of quackery"
"Pharma shill"
"Cloner" and
"Experienced with electrical shock (level 1)"
I'm still hoping to earn the Ninja and MacGyver badges.

Hmmm, lessee...

'talking science', 'MacGyver', 'arts and crafts', 'confident around an open flame', 'destroyer of quackery', 'sexing up science', 'competent in fixing household appliances', 'I can be a prick', 'kick sexual harasser's ass', has frozen stuff I/II/III', 'too much radioactivity', if we make it retroactive, 'math prowess', 'inordinately fond of invertebrate', 'pharma shill', 'tadpole', 'electrical shock I/II/III', 'statistical linear regression'.

Wow. I'm impressed with myself!

Hmm, lessee... Talking science, Arts and Crafts, I'm pretty confident around an open flame, destroyer of quackery, will glady kick sexual harasser's ass, (Possibly sexing up science, if reproductive biology classes count), Frozen stuff, up to level II, dodger of monkey shit, pharma shill, knows how to collect semen from more than one species (Though I haven't actually done it, the theoretical knowledge was part of the reproductive biology course, and the Agricultural NVQ), I know what a tadpole is, I'm a scientist who is fundamentally opposed to administrative duties, cloner (Tobacco counts), I'm into telescopes astro (Level I), statistical linear regression, ("have violated the posterior of an animal in the name of science" is denied me, as I was just helping a veterinary examination, and didn't do it myself. I can shear a sheep, and treat sheep diseases, though)

Members are:
- not in the business of total world domination

Looks like I'm disqualified.