Can't cure stupid

Normally, I'm not much into LOLCats, but this one is so spot-on for this blog:


All too true, alas.

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Well you can always send them to a specialist like Kevorkian. That is a permanent cure /sarcasm

By Who Cares (not verified) on 21 Mar 2009 #permalink

Research cat sez: It burn and burn but still no cure for Teh Stewpid.

Well, it's obviously not a proper lolcat - it has an apostrophe.

Glad you think so too.

I actually thought of this blog when I saw that image, too. I'll admit to perusing LOLcats now and again... I just can't resist.

For as much grief as people online like to give LOLCats, there's usually at least one over the course of a day that make me, well, laugh out loud.

I'm another one that saw this and thought of Orac.

Hang on, who says you can't cure stoopid? There is an effective technique, but it's a bit messy, frowned on, and you'll need a really good lawyer. Take an axe (chainsaws have also been used, but there's no reason to go berserk) and lop off teh stoopid's hed. Instant cure.

Well, Ok, it probably does do a bit of harm (first, do no harm), so perhaps this cure shouldn't be used. Not to mention there's probably someone, somewhere, who actually liked the ex-stoopid. Feck! Another proven remedy which ain't allowedâ¦