While we're on the subject of pareidolia...

While we're on the subject of pareidolia, it turns out that Mitchell and Webb have taken this topic on as well...


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They go after all sorts of religious and new age nonsense on their show. I spent wasted a good part of yesterday watching the first two seasons of the show in their entirety.

They had one skit of a couple looking to buy a used wardrode at a yard sale. When the proprietor informs them that the wardrobe has a portal to Narnia, they ask if they can take a "test ride".

SPOILER ALERT: (I couldn't figure out how white out the text; the "font" tag doesn't seem to work here in the comments.)

Moments later, they emerge from the wardrobe in full medieval/fantasy attire announcing how they'd just spent years in Narnia. But then they decline to buy the wardrobe because "it was a bit too Christian for their tastes."

In the tradition of "Dave Allen At Large" (remember that one?).

By The Blind Watchmaker (not verified) on 19 Jul 2009 #permalink

Try Dara o'Briain for some more chuckles- I love his comparison of dieticians and nutritionists to dentists and toothyologists