What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, especially when it's Jesus on a toilet

Praying to the porcelain god was never a more appropriate term:

Cue toilet and bathroom jokes...with Jesus!

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I believe that he is not feeling well. He looks flushed.

As Richard Swinburne would be quick to point out, this event only adds to the probability of God's existence if and only if we have considerable background evidence to think than this face would appear on this toilet.

Since no such background evidence is forthcoming, and since the appearance has little explanatory value otherwise, I am not especially impressed with this story.


As far as these appearances go, this is pretty lame. You really need to use imagination to see even a vague face there.

Indeed, lame. I think it looks closer to Darwin.

My favorite is the dog butt.

By Uncle Glenny (not verified) on 05 Sep 2009 #permalink

I saw sort of a conehead vampire....

I guess I must stop watching those SNL reruns....

I don't really see much of anything really. Could be any face. It could be a robot face or something...

If I was a deity, this is the way I would reveal myself to the world.

I once heard someone refer to going to the bathroom as "doing God's work". Well.....

By The Blind Watchmaker (not verified) on 06 Sep 2009 #permalink

The look on the boyfriend's face is fantastic.

I say it's Manson, and I don't mean Marylin.

By pareidolius (not verified) on 06 Sep 2009 #permalink

My thought was also Phantom of the Opera.