An antivaccine rap by a rapping "Health Ranger"? The pain, the pain...

We all know that Mike Adams, a.k.a. the "Health Ranger," is anti-vaccine to the core. He's known for, a repository of quackery, anti-vaccine craziness, and conspiracy theories that rivals but in a much slicker fashion. Now, unfortunately, I learn that he's going multimedia. Worse, Mike Rangers, who is about as white bread and un-hip-hop a guy as I can imagine, thinks he can rap:

The song is called "Don't Inject Me (The Swine Flu Vaccine Song)."

The common lies about the swine flu are all there: The claim that flu vaccines don't work; the paranoid delusion that the "drug companies made this flu" and "the swine flu was made by man; it's all part of a pharmaceutical scam"; that it's all a plot by big pharma to make money and destroy your immunity. Seeing this rap video, I have to admit that the production values are fairly high, but there remains a big problem.

It's Mike Adams rapping. I don't know if this shows that Adams is down with the youth of America or risibly silly, much like those clueless adults mocked in 1960s sitcoms as they try to "rap" with the kids, using terms like "groovy." I don't know if this will actually spread Adams' lies or result in little more than laughter at someone like Adams trying to go all gangsta on us.

As Dr. Zachary Smith would say, "Oh, the pain, the pain." If you watch this, I echo Mr. T's prediction below:

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This is not his first attempt at rapping.At the height(or is it depth?) of the economic catastrophe he came up with, "I Want My Bailout Money".I just "love" that the woo-meisters try to automatically become experts on whatever is currently in the news and frightening to people.

By Denice Walter (not verified) on 13 Sep 2009 #permalink

If it were possible to create a vaccine against stupidity, it would be worth trying to get blood samples from Adams and his merry band of woo-loons. Anyone that accepts that mission would certainly deserve combat duty pay.

I can't believe nobody's made a joke yet about this video going viral.

I wonder if any of the people who comment positively on Mike Adams' videos realize that the fact that their comments are "pending approval" every time they post something means that he's censoring all the negative ones?

Here's a hint, guys: When someone's telling the truth, they usually don't need to censor their critics. That's the MO of liars and con artists.

This video makes me want to give myself a bullet~injection in the temple!

By J Todd DeShong (not verified) on 13 Sep 2009 #permalink

This is not his first attempt at rapping.At the height(or is it depth?) of the economic catastrophe he came up with, "I Want My Bailout Money".I just "love" that the woo-meisters try to automatically become experts on whatever is currently in the news and frightening to people.

Mike fancies himself to be a renaissance man, like a Michelangelo or da Vinci. But he forgets that not only did those great men endeavor in many fields, they were also *skilled* in those fields.

So, now he's an "economist". He amusingly refers to the financial system as "Western Finance". I suppose he wants to go back to bartering or something.

By Joseph C. (not verified) on 13 Sep 2009 #permalink

He may be able to censor comments, but you can still rate the video poorly. It has only been rated just over 1000 time as of this comment.

@ Joseph C. He wants us to *live off the land*, toxin- and vaccine- free, in lovely, health-free friendly Ecuador(see his website for details), which may or may not include barter. Now *Gary Null* wants us to go back to barter (see his website for details) except of course, for the money necessary to buy his supplements,*and* videos and books about "survivng the crisis".

By Denice Walter (not verified) on 13 Sep 2009 #permalink


Yeah, I've read all about Vilcabamba. It sounds like a nice enough place, except for the total lack of law and order. Vilcabamba apparently has a notorious town rapist who runs a local hotel and has been happily raping young, female tourists for about 10 years now.

Not that Adams has anything to do with that, but I think I'll stick to more developed countries, like Switzerland, if I want to visit the mountains abroad.

By Joseph C. (not verified) on 13 Sep 2009 #permalink

Orac, it amuses me that I always see it here first and know that in a few days' time, the quackos will be enthusiastically "LIKE-ing" it all over facebook.

What's the term for when you cringe and slink down in your seat because you are embarrassed FOR a particular person and you have a desperate desire to save them from their own embarrasing stupidity (not due to altruism but to end your own discomfort) but then you remember, "Oh yeah, it's the Health Ranger!" so you then realize that there are no infinitesimal dilutions of stupid strong enough to save this man?

I went to school with a Mike Adams, but I don't think this guy was it. but then, I don't really care enough about him to look him up. Him and that author can both go pound sand.

Wow, "The Herbal Community" forum is what you call experts?

Ah, a reminder of Mr. T's career as a boxer (or as my dad liked to say, "Muhamad Ali's punching bag").

[OT] Orac, I saw a news item in Australia recently claiming that there will be a government mandate to bake folic acid into bread. Any comments on the utility/futility/stupidity of such a thing?

By MadScientist (not verified) on 13 Sep 2009 #permalink

Off-topic, but did anyone catch Real Time with Bill Maher (September 11 show)?
In the middle of an interview with Anthony Weiner (D-NY) about health-care, Bill criticizes the food and medical industries, also Bill doesn't seem to have any reaction when Anthony Weiner defends the pharma industry. The interview ended there, so you're left wondering if Bill would've further debated the merit of pharmaceuticals.

"The Herbal Community"??? Sounds like a collective of weed-smokers...

By Christophe Thill (not verified) on 13 Sep 2009 #permalink

Quacks running wild. I was waiting for Mike's condemnation of Yalie Jews and Catholics spreading government lab-made H1N1 by flying their black helicopters from the secret underground bases on Long Island.

I guess he couldn't rhyme contrails and werewolves.

What a freak!

The post on the "herbal community" even says: "I will admit that I am NOT an expert when it comes to stuff like this"

Nuff said. At least he realizes the paucity of his knowledge, unlike your poster "I like Mike!"

"Now right off the top, I will admit that I am NOT an expert when it comes to stuff like this. And my guess is that most people reading this stuff are not experts themselves."

Chances are most of you readers on here are not medical experts either.

Just people with an opinion. Nuff said.

Here's one link on there that made great sense

How many readers on here have Aajonus Vonderplanitz's qualifications?

Most people just want to know the whole truth about the vaccines. Don't you? Especially if you have children and family members?

Most of the comments on here, in my opinion, just seem to be personal attacks on Mike.

Here's something worth reading:

By The Herbal Community (not verified) on 14 Sep 2009 #permalink

@The Herbal Community,

Do you actually think that Mike Adams is a credible source for anything?

By Joseph C. (not verified) on 14 Sep 2009 #permalink

We still don't know what Aajonus' qualifications are, but I can assure Herbal that the posters here will easily outdo him in this area.
In the UK there is currently another outbreak of E. coli O157:H7 with several kids critically ill on renal dialysis. And Vonderplonk wants to legislate that foodstuffs can have no limits on coliform contamination? Sheesh!

"We still don't know what Aajonus' qualifications are, but I can assure Herbal that the posters here will easily outdo him in this area..."

Love your arrogance on here. I know that popping pills and meds seem to be the "only solution" to the problems on here.

But I did find this piece to be pretty damming against the vaccine industry:

Personally I haven't had a shot in over 40 years of my life and do not intent to do so now. BUT if you guys wanna knock yourself out and get jabbed with the needle...go for it man!!

Oh, wow it is the crazed Blaylock video!

I thought I heard something, some kind of grumbling from an ancient thread, but it turned out to be the wind in the bushes.

40 years old and no shots? Someone is fibbing. Either that or we need a picture of where your smallpox scar should be with your drivers license next to it :P

He said in over 40 yrs, not he was 40yrs. Get your false accusations straight. I havent had one in over 40 yrs either. No ab's, no meds, no vitamins, just good healthy living, eating, and lots of sex. That is the secret! I guess I forget to mention, retire by 38 with lots and lots of money too.

He actually said "in over 40 years of my life" as opposed to "in over 40 years". I apologize however for being confused by that.

Tell your supermodel wife hi for me and I hope you share pictures of your European castle and antique car collection while riding your unicorn and setting bags of 100 dollar bills on fire and leg pressing 2000 pounds.

yes, I am 52, but I have not had a shot in over 40 yrs of my life either. And no, I cant tell my 'wife' hi because I am a happily married woman with a hunk of a husband. Sorry to ruin your fantasy, but I have arabians not unicorns. I am just a very happy person.

Perhaps some of you who think vaccinations are cool should have a chat with all the moms and dads in Nigeria at present that have all been given polio by the vaccine, and this aint the first time this has happened.

I know you guys in the US have to accept everything the FDA throws at you, and allegiance to the flag and GM with no public consultation but don't think the rest of the world has that kind of system engagement. Maybe that's why your infant mortality is worse than Costa Rica and Jamaica. Perhaps that's why cancer is a bigger killer in your country for kids than RTA's.

For a country that has near total vaccine compliance why are you all so sick? Tell me is 'herd immunity' when a group of totally stupid people huddle together so that when there is in coming they all share the crap or what. I can't find a single scientific paper on this myth, who made it up and when but the pro vaxxers always quote this as some kind of real fact!

By smoky mirror (not verified) on 07 Mar 2011 #permalink

How does "Orac" explain this; ?

He explains it like this:

You should really read the whole thing yourself; it's very educational. The short answer is that if the diseases were actually significantly "in decline" before the introduction of the vaccines, then you could show that on a graph by showing how incidence rates decline, but that's not what the graphs on that page show. Those graphs show not incidence rates, but death rates.

If the death rates are going down, but the incidence rates aren't, that means the disease isn't "in decline"; it means that supportive medicine is getting better, so that even though people are still getting the disease, they aren't dying from it as often. Which doesn't mean they aren't left deaf, or blind, or paralyzed, or mentally retarded, as a result of the disease - it only means that they aren't dying.

By Antaeus Feldspar (not verified) on 07 Mar 2011 #permalink

I guess the comment that I made on this article last night got stuck in moderation, perhaps because of the URL. "Time", if you go up to the search box in the left-hand pane and type in "vaccines didn't save us", the first returned result will be a post from May 2010 where Orac discusses that very page and why it's deceptive.

You should really read Orac's whole post, as it's quite educational, but the quick summary is that the graphs which purportedly show the disease "in decline" before the introduction of a vaccine are not showing a decline in incidence rate, but rather in death rate. A decline in death rate doesn't necessarily mean the disease is going away; it just means more people are living through the disease (which doesn't mean they aren't deaf, or blind, or paralyzed from the disease - just not dead.)

By Antaeus Feldspar (not verified) on 08 Mar 2011 #permalink