Astrobiology Rap Video

The fact that this is an astrobiology rap is a good thing. Like the recently memed-out Large Hadron Collider Rap, the Astrobiology Rap places important and difficult to understand science on the pop cultural smorgasbord, and that is good.

But this isn't the Large Hadron Rap. It is simply, IMHO, not as good.

Which reminds me of a story, see below. Anyway, here is the rap for your review, I'd love your opinion:

[hatip: amee]

The music is dull, the rapper is mediocre, the words are totally cliff note. Or maybe I'm just having a bad morning, having just eaten the last cookie.

The story: So yesterday I arrive late at a meeting. Eight or nine professional educators and two high level administrators are sitting around the Dean's boardroom table. The Head of Office of Information Services is leading the meeting. On the blackboard, it says:

"888" H8 'kk' AFK



ru ... 888 ??

And everyone is looking very serious. WTF? ROFL!!!

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Maybe you are upset over "cookie" but I think this is brilliant. Definitely more along the lines of modern underground hip-hop... and super intelligent!

I wouldn't go as far as calling this brilliant, it could have used more polish. The music is unnecessarily monotonous, and the horrible choice of voices for the exobiology chorus bring it down.

But it's quite clear to me that this guy is a (much) better rapper than the LHC people. He displays obvious skill managing a much higher tempo and a better flow than the LHC.

Also, the LHC rap is a joke, which is obvious from the use of background dancers alone. Further it's performed by someone that isn't very good at rapping at all, and it's written in this parody of rap vocabulary.

The LHC rap made it big because it's a funny bad rap. This tries to be a serious good rap, but it got ways to go before it get's to the good.