A request for Skepticon 7 from Orac

I don't recall if I've mentioned this before, but I will be speaking at Skepticon in November. (Holy crap, that's just over two months away. I'd better get my talk ready.) In any case, now's crunch time, the time of year when Skepticon's fundraising needs to go into high gear, given that the bills are coming due for the conference.

So give. Give until it hurts. Or buy swag. Or both. And if you're planning on going, register now instead of later. You'll be glad you did.

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I've made my donation to Skepticon...it's the least I can do with my *big pharma* filthy lucre.

Can't decide if woo, pseudoscience, or

Some (but not all) cannabinoids may partially (but not fully) and reversibly (but not permanently) reduce some (but not all) symptoms of autism for some (but not all) people with some (but probably not all) autism spectrum conditions.


Can’t decide if woo, pseudoscience, or

Weasel words :)


Is it possible to list all the conferences you intend to speak at or attend, Orac? I want to make it to one asap, but I keep finding out about them incidentally after I've made overlapping plans...