A little shameless self-promotion and begging

Here’s a little shameless self-promotion, which we editors at Science-Based Medicine indulge in from time to time. This time around, I’d just like to mention that I’m the guest on the latest episode of the Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe, where I was permitted to pontificate about children with cancer whose parents deny them chemotherapy. Check it out.

Second, in less than four weeks, I will be giving a talk at Skepticon. The great thing about Skepticon is that it’s free, but that requires donations. So, as a speaker, I’m going to ask you all once again to give until it hurts.

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I second your call for people to tune into the Skeptics' Guide to the Universe. Good interview about a very important topic, Orac.

Can't make pretty much any con, but I can certainly listen to SGU considering I already follow it.

By Chankobun, the… (not verified) on 27 Oct 2014 #permalink

Thanks for the heads-up!

I used to listen to all of those, but haven't kept up lately.

I'll definitely make time for this one, though!

By squirrelelite (not verified) on 28 Oct 2014 #permalink

Please read Prof. Gotzsche's book "Deadly Medicines and Organised Crime". Prof Gotzsche is a founder member of the independent Cochrane Collaboration and is well versed in demonstrating medical scams; should be compulsory reading for all health workers.