Pin Exchange: Best of the Best

In the aftermath of last night's Student Pin Exchange, out of the dizzying array of commemorative pins, buttons, and cultural trinkets that were swapped, which emerged as the most eye-catching, coveted, and sought after?

We asked three-time Intel ISEF finalist and New Mexico native Susannah Clary to canvas the exhibition floor to find out. Her report is below the fold.


My personal favorite is my pin from Egypt. I love it because it represents the ancient Egyptian culture that still exists today.


Lee Billings, from Brooklyn, New York: "Since this is my first time in New Mexico, I like the New Mexican pin -- I think that's corn? Also, Susannah's salmon pin is pretty nice."


Deion Gillis, from Baltimore, Maryland: "I like this one because it is the 'Big Apple.' The picture just speaks for itself."


Nandim Sarma (left), from Kansas, and Ganga Mcarthy (right), from Oklahoma: "Costa Rica's. It's different."


Robert Dunnington, from New Mexico: "Louisiana's Tabasco pin. I love Tabasco, and I'm from Louisiana. It makes food great!"


Karl Speer, from Virginia: "Japan's pin. I like Japanese culture, and the pin captures the Japanese way of life with its flag and cherry blossoms."


Here are a few more notable pins and anonymous quotes:

The Florida 'Gecko.'
"This pin shows the culture of Florida and represents reptilian aspects of that state."

Thailand Dancer.
"I like this pin because it is exquisite!

Thailand Tuk-Tuk.
"The design is unique and really expresses their culture."

The Tennessee Mole.
"Get it?"

Wrapping up the best of the best, we have the official Intel ISEF 2007 pin.


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uhhh.....nice pins...i don't have some of the pins shown sad....i miss every things that happened in the in everything...hope to see some of you guys someday...but wait, i just wanna ask if where and how can we look at the pictures taken by other finalists or even the official photgraphers?? there a blog or any site???=)thanks....

By Hester Mana D… (not verified) on 04 Oct 2007 #permalink

Ah, fond memories. My mother recently found all of my stashed away pins (from ISEF 2000? 2001? something like that; it was in Detroit). She sent them to me tucked away in some package with a note asking me what they were and why I'd kept them. I couldn't just throw them away ...

To Lee Billings--
Corn?!? That's New Mexican chile! As I'm sure you've learned by now, New Mexicans put chile in everything--including hot chocolate and pizza. Have you noticed how you are always asked "red or green?" It's the official state question. I believe we're the only state with an official question.


Thanks for the correction Louise. I was actually hoping someone would tell me what was on the pin!

Fortunately, I had already been asked the official state question, and told the proper answer: Christmas!

The Florida pin is actually the Florida Alligator (see the scales?). Compare that pin to the Geico Gecko commercial!

Well, being one of four Australians at ISEF, I couldn't help but notice that the Australian pins seemed to be quite popular too... =P

I notice that the pin from Egypt is very popular ,inspite that we were only four students from Egypt.... :)

By Mariam Abd El Meguid (not verified) on 23 Jun 2007 #permalink