The Party


As you can see in this pic of (from left to right) Big Head Rob, Matt Nisbet, and myself, we were stylin' at Science Club Friday night in DC. Although no one, no one, could out-style Matt Nisbet's white blazer. I scoured the Washington, D.C., area for one to match, so that we would both be wearing our "lab" coats, but had zero success.

Anyway, I was psyched that many fellow science geeks were able to come to the party, including the following: Wayne Shields (head of the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals), Michael Stebbins, Jennifer Ouellette, Sean Carroll, and Sylvia S. Tognetti (who pronounces the party a "success" at The Post-Normal Times). Chris Seline, of Searchles, aso came by and even got me a birthday present: a science kit for kids that had a very strong emphasis on blowing bubbles. (The card that went with it suggested that this was the kind of weapon I'd need to counter the "war on science.")


Amy Argetsinger, from the Washington Post's "Reliable Source" column, also stopped in. You can see her in the picture above with Matt, Rob, and myself. Alas, everyone at the party was behaving so scandalously, and generating so much gossip all at once, that I think Amy was simply overwhelmed. (Just kidding.)

We had the entire second and third floors of Science Club to ourselves all evening, with copies of the latest issue of Seed spread out on all of the tables. Science Club was definitely the right place to hold this party (which Nisbet and I are thinking of making an annual event). There's nothing more fitting than having a science themed party at a venue where part of the seating involves tablet arm desks like they had in high school.....

P.S.: Big Head Rob also blogs the party....


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You have to get them to take piccies before you've had one too many, Chris. :o)

I hope you've got good ideas cooking with Matt.



Believe it or not, Dano, I remained remarkably sober that whole night. Too much so, probably.

Hmm, someone is noticably missing from your write-up. Did KAC put in an appearance?

By somnilista, FCD (not verified) on 25 Sep 2006 #permalink