They Don't Call Em The 'Ivory Towers' For Nothing

Well, it seems Facebook just wasn't cool enough for the aspiring Ph.D... Heard of Epernicus? According to the tagline, it's 'Where Science Meets.'

Only you have to be invited.

In fact, you must 'use the name under which you publish, if applicable', so the webhosts can review your request and determine whether you're worthy of an invitation.

The idea is simple. A social networking site to connect with others in your field and share information on research, honors, pedigree, and publications. There's even a blog. I can see this being useful.

i-34be02ca159f3ad999c4204a2666a7d9-weirdscience.pngOf course, profile photos, chat, and email features make me suspect it can also conveniently aid early career scientists in pursuit of romance. Gosh, I mean, if I found a mister as interested in cucumaria frondosa as me... well, err, no nevermind. But heck, I'm a poor sample size and not so into online dating.

Anyway, interested folks can go request invitations and find out if they make the cut! Elitist, you ask? Well, I mean come now--they don't call em the ivory towers for nothing.


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The online dating link started my morning off smiling. I totally wanna join!

I'm a member. Aren't you jealous? Perhaps I could put in a good word for you at the dinner club....


The Weird Science poster sums up the online dating aspect of that website perfectly: a horde of male geeks hoping to find a supermodel bad girl who will overlook their crippling social ineptness.

Just give them a drink or two and take them to '80s night -- the music is so easy to dance to, even they could do it!