Gary Locke: The Next Secretary Of Commerce?


According to CNN, former Governor Gary Locke (D-WA) is likely to be nominated by President Obama as our next Secretary of Commerce.

Given NOAA accounts for up to 65% of the Commerce Department budget, you bet I'm eager to learn more. Among many duties, the incoming Secretary of Commerce faces enormous ocean related challenges so I will be following this story with interest.

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There are some important national security and anti-corporate corruption reasons Locke should be looked at carefully before being given this critical post:

His familiesâ close China heritage and his supporting the management of the corporation currently most akin to Enron while he was Governor of Washington state is problematicâmost notably for our national security.

China is an extremely fickle trading partner to the U.S. who plans militarily against us behind the scenes and has spies in place in this country.

We need a Commerce secretary who is not blinded by his perhaps overly benign and personally skewed view of the true intentions and plans of the Chinese government.

Gov. Locke knows more science, at least in terms of ecology, fisheries, and ocean issues, then either Gov. Richardson or Sen. Gregg. Having lived in Seattle for many of his years in Olympia in the Governor's mansion, I have to say - finally! We should have started with him.

Speaking as a Seattlite and a member of Locke's 'Governor's Panel on Sustainability', I think Locke is a fantastic choice and yes, he does have a great understanding and appreciation of science. He did a great job leading the state and will make an exceptional Commerce Secretary.