Go Tell Bobby Jindal...

..about the undersea volcano that's been erupting over the last four days in the South Pacific!


What you see is smoke, steam, and ash shooting up thousands of feet near Tonga. And while this activity poses little threat to islanders right now, the image reminds me why I'm in favor of "something called 'volcano monitoring'," even if the Louisiana governor disagrees.

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Immediate threat or not, it's still a scary scene..

At first I would have assumed Jindal was just a posturing political hack because he couldn't be so stupid or short sighted to actually believe that monitoring of natural disasters was worthless. Especially after Katrina.

But then he's been party to exorcism and signed a law pushing creationism. No values, no backbone, no future hopefully.

But the real question is: what is wolverine doing in Tonga?

But the real question is: what is wolverine doing in Tonga?

You don't understand. It's pretty clear why Jindal wants volcano monitoring to not be supported through taxpayer money; he wants to prevent them from erupting by doing some exorcisms on their rims. I will wait for the day when he then falls into one.