Would you like a dinosaur with your beverage?


Good thing this was not the paleolithic, because the equivalent mistake of not closing a tag would be... well, we've seen many examples of that right here, haven't we?

The ones encouraging people to drink milk are hilarious, even if they cling to old stereotypes of Neanderthals living alongside dinosaurs. And what, unfeathered dromaeosaurs, and pterosaurs grabbing cavemen with their feet? It's like our knowledge of Mesozoic life hasn't changed since One Million Years B.C...

Still, they are pretty funny.

I loved and hated the Volvic Tyrannosaurus Alan and George The Volcano adverts in equal measure. On one hand he was quite simply the cutest little carnivore ever, and it was funny.

On the other hand he was hunting Smilodon with a spear and George was calling pterosaurs "birds"!