Life in Cold Blood

I didn't think it was going to air so early in the year, but apparently David Attenborough's latest program (and last in the "Life of..." series), Life in Cold Blood, is now airing in the UK. The Telegraph recently published an article about the joy of watching Attenborough's documentaries, and I was able to find one clip from the show already online. It features the Panamanian golden frog (Atelopus zeteki), a species that is critically endangered if not already extinct in the wild;

Previously it had been said that this was going to be Attenborough's last project, but according to the Beagle Project Blog there's at least one more in the pipe focused on Charles Darwin.

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Right. A wrestling match.

Saw episode 1 last night - excellent as usual for Attenborough and the BBC Natural History Unit. You may find the segment on whether or not dinosaurs wee cold/warm blooded a little shallow, though.