God will make you eat brains if you don't pay the rent

At least that's what I learned from this video;


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Almost as educational as Captain Planet.

The crocodile ought to lay a death roll on the stupid lion and anchor him underwater to 'season' his carcass before chowing down.

By Ken Shabby (not verified) on 11 Feb 2008 #permalink


Sure, it's a silly version of a parable simple enough for children to already understand, but to tag it as "idiocy" (and I'm assuming being unaware of its origin, despite the important place of the parables in Western literature) shows why the science and religion debates can't move forward. Most of the antagonists on either side don't know a damned thing about the other... and take pride in their ignorance, to boot.

I feel that you've jumped to a bit of a far-gone conclusion here, keh. The reason I labeled it "idiocy" not because I'm unaware of the parable or think it's a stupid story, but because the people who created the video gave it an absolutely terrible treatment. I think that was implied with what I said, and I did not go on a rant about how I think Christianity is inherently stupid or evil.

I imagine someone could make a very good version of the story for kids (or other audiences), but this one was just plain dumb, hence the tag. It says nothing whatsoever about the science vs. religion debate whatsoever; it was a bad, corny video and I don't feel bad about saying so. If someone came up with a stinker about evolution, I'd make fun of that, too, so pinning intolerance on me because of a tag is a bit of a jump.

Laelaps, your preceding comment is exactly right, and was exactly what I was about to say. The jungle rhyme version makes very little narrative sense, and almost completely loses the intent of the parable.

That was awful! The transition between the cartoony animal story and the religious message was so stilted and artificial- ouch.

As for eating brains, aren't monkey brains a delicacy in some cultures? Or is that one of those things North American kids are always told to gross us out?