Feeding my book addiction

It can be a dangerous thing to let me loose in a used book store. The Cranbury Bookworm is having a "spring cleaning" sale in which everything in the store is half-off, and even though I was limited to $50 I returned with a dizzying amount of books. Here's a list of today's haul;

Our Face From Fish to Man (1929) - William K. Gregory

In the Shadow of Man (1971) - Jane Goodall

A Fossil-Hunter's Notebook (1980) - Edwin Colbert

Braindance (1992) - Dean Falk

Lucy (1981) - Donald Johansen & Maitland Edey

Adam or Ape (1971) - Louis Leaky and Jack & Stephanie Prost

The World of Natural History (1952) - John Richard Saunders

Sea of Slaughter (1984) - Farley Mowat

Extinctions (1984) - Matthew H. Nitecki

Apes, Angels, and Victorians (1955) - William Irvine

The White Lions of Timbavati (1977) - Chris McBride

The Leopard's Spots (1960) - William Stanton

Man, Time, and Fossils (1953) - Ruth Moore

Up From the Ape (1931) - Earnest Albert Hooton

Animals of the World (1942) - J. Walker McSpadden

The Encyclopedia of Mammals (1985) - David Macdonald

Darwin (1991) - Adrian Desmond & James Moore

What is Man? (1924) - J. Arthur Thomson

Eternal Quest (1969) - Alexander Adams

Man's Evolution (1965) - C.L. Brace & M.F. Ashley Montagu

Lucy's Child (1989) - Donald Johanson & James Shreeve

Adventures with the Missing Link (1959) - Raymond Dart & Dennis Craig

Vanishing Tracks (1989) - Darla Hillard

Dawn of Zoology (1968) - Willy Ley

The Spotted Sphinx (1969) - Joy Adamson

Elephant Memories (1988) - Cynthia Moss

The Ape's Reflexion (1979) - Adrian Desmond

Not too shabby for $50, huh? This was part of my birthday present (I turn 25 on Tuesday) as my wife well-knows that few things make me happier than being given the run of a bookstore. There weren't very many books on paleontology or dinosaurs, but there were plenty of old, yellowing hardbacks on human evolution, and I am definitely looking forward to reading each of these books in turn.


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Woah! sweet haul! I've only read a few of these: "Lucy" is awesome; "Lucy's child" not so much. The white lions and encyclopedia of mammals books have me jealous....and we don't even have a second hand book store on the island :(

Nice! Happy birthday by the way!

I just picked up a copy of In The Shadow of Man as well, theres a used bookstore that I pass every time I go buy groceries. Looking forward to reading it.

I expect a full review of each one of them by the end of the week; and the speed with which you read and comprehend and then write something cogent, I think you could do it.

Call RU and tell them you won't be going in this week. You have a "project."

Oh man, you lucky bastard. You got some gems.

By Luna_the_cat (not verified) on 24 Feb 2008 #permalink

Alright, new (or old?) books! Happy Birthday, Brian, by the way. Nice to see the Desmond & Moore Darwin biography. I've got an copy of In the Shadow of Man I need to get put of a box in storage - Goodall is speaking here in April...

Thanks, everyone! I definitely am pleased with what I was able to find, especially the Adam or Ape volume (which contains Dart's paper on the Taung child, Samuel Wilberforce's review of On the Origin of Species, and other classic papers).

Mike H.; I don't know if I'm up to that challenge, but I've recently become more motivated to complete another project I've been working on for some time. I hope to be a little more consistent in my work on it, so hopefully I'll be able to share some good news in the not-too-distant future.

That is un-freaking-believable! Wow! That list makes me kick myself for not having read more of the old classics - I did as an undergrad, but gradually got out of the habit.

Every fall, my neighborhood has a huge used book sale. Being an academic neighborhood, you can come away with an enormous number of fantastic books for very little money. Much of my non-fiction collection has come from that book sale. I especially love buying the older books and looking through them and reading peoples' notes in the margins.

Happy reading!!