The Boneyard #22, coming tomorrow

After a long hiatus The Boneyard will return here tomorrow. If you've got a paleo-post from the last month to contribute send it to me (evogeek AT gmail DOT com) sometime today. I'm looking forward to bringing this carnival back so please send in your contributions as soon as you can.

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... and Traumador, it's host, has something special in mind; So my thinking for this themed boneyard is for anyone and everyone out on the innerweb to put up a post about their favourite museum... it doesn't have to be a really "smart" or sciencey one, cause afterall it's me the archosaur without…
The 25th edition of The Boneyard is coming up next Tuesday over at The Big Dinosaur Lie. You can send your submissions directly to me (evogeek AT gmail DOT com) or to the blog where they will be posted, and let's try to get some of the new paleo-bloggers in on this one!
There has been a slight hold-up in getting the next edition of The Boneyard ready for exhibition, so you have an extra day to get your posts together. Any paleo-posts are fair game, but remember that Traumador wanted to make this a special edition all about your favorite museum; So my thinking for…
The next edition of the paleo-carnival The Boneyard is coming up this Saturday at Catalogue of Organisms, so be sure to get your entries to me (evogeek at or Chris (gerarus at soon!