Photo of the Day #827: Acrocanthosaurus


A restoration of Acrocanthosaurus, photographed at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences.

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This link shows which bones are fossil, and which are reconstructions in the exhibit you photographed: I think too that the N.C. museum is the only one where you can see the actual fossil parts on display, and the fossil skull; at least, that is according to their FAQ list: Cheers, DeLene

I saw this specimen about a decade ago and was very impressed with it. Its powerful forelimbs make it even more formidable, to my mind, than an only slightly larger Manospondylus. It's also less well known and the material is more rare. The turret atop the museum, where the Acrocanthosaurus is housed, is cool too.

The 'raptors' in the internet RPG "Neoraptorics" used to tease acrocanthosaurs 'til they chased the nimble dromeosaurids into piles of downed timber, where they became entangled. Then the raptors laughed at them.

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Nonononono. Don't go around resurrecting nomina oblita. :-)

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Well, apparently YOU knew what I meant...

Priority's the rule, 'cept when it ain't.

I don't think that extinct crits care what we call 'em.

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