Penguins 24-7!

i-79e145610927e016828fdfd5edd2ebca-penguin-thumb-202x151-59188.jpgI loved the movie "March of the Penguins." Now, thanks to the California Academy of Sciences, I can watch penguins live anytime I want on one of their three webcams! I find myself watching the penguins just to relax in the middle of the day. I highly recommend you check out this website and watch the penguins, too...we can watch them together. Although I would not recommend watching them at night, as it can be rather boring.

The website is really neat and also has information on what it is like to be a penguin wrangler. Yes, someone actually gets paid to wrangle penguins. There is also a penguin blog. You can even read about a special wetsuit made for the penguin Pierre (shown in the photo above from the website). Who knew penguins could be so fun?

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