We're moving!!!!

You may be wondering why I have been so sentimental even though the year is not over yet. I am happy to inform you that it is not because I am retiring. On the contrary, I am packing up my virtual bags and moving this blog to a new site! Pardon the dust while we get settled into our new digs.

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I am packing my bags and heading out to sunny San Diego for the annual Experimental Biology conference, which officially kicks off today!
I've been outclassed. Every scientist in the world is a modest little mouse in comparison. All of you readers: humble, demure, and retiring. Ray Comfort has just compared himself favorably to Einstein, saying that he has made a discovery more important than E=mc2. He even has a painfully…
I am packing my bags for the joint meeting of the Iowa and Nebraska Physiological Societies. The meeting will take place October 21-22 at Des Moines University at the Olsen Medical Education Center. Can't wait!
Perhaps you thought the Poor Man Institute was making up the stereotype, but here it is made manifest: a man living in his parents' basement attacks father with a bag of Cheetos. One nice touch in the police report is that his shirt was covered with orange Cheeto dust. What's missing? No word if…