Headed for Notre Dame

I'm gearing up for some autumn talks. First up: Notre Dame University University of Notre Dame. The title of the talk is, "The Darwin Beat: Reporting on Evolution in a Controversial Age."

When: Thursday, September 21, 4 pm.
Where: Jordan Hall Auditorium, Rm. 101

More information here.

I'll let you know about some more talks as they approach.


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Gah, of all the semesters to not be at ND... I'll pass the word along and cajole my friends to go. Forgive them if they seem gloomy. Wasn't a good weekend for the Gold and Blue...

Harvey Bender is still professor of genetics?!?!?!?

I took his course in 1968!!! (wonder if he's still offering to bet pennies and nickels on the outcome of football games, or if inflation has struck?)

Loved your talk at Notre Dame a couple of weeks back. It was refreshing to hear that talk at a Catholic university.

I was wondering if you have read/reviewed "Sex, Drugs, & DNA" by Michael Stebbins. You mentioned during your talk at ND that the topics most commonly touted in the media as controversial to the scientific community, are, in fact, not points of contention at all. Does this book fall into that category, or is it any good?

Did Alvin Plantinga catch your talk?

By Mustafa Mond, FCD (not verified) on 15 Oct 2006 #permalink