My Suggestion for the New Massachusetts State Seal

According to Boston's The Weekly Dig, Massachusetts is casting about for a new state seal. The current one definitely needs improvement:

It's one of the oldest symbols in the US. That may be part of the problem; many think it's outdated. On Wednesday, the Committee on Tourism, Arts and Cultural Development considers a bill to change the Massachusetts seal and motto.

The bill would establish a 13-member committee to determine whether the symbols "accurately reflect and embody the historic and contemporary commitments of the Commonwealth."

It's also offensive to Native Americans. So here's my idea:

(from here)

Never forget, never forgive.

Just trying to help....

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ha ha ha!

I second the little guy. It all began at my T station, so he's got a special place in my heart....

You have a Boston AND a ninny tag. I heart Mike TMB!

Having attended a Boston emerg. preparedness tabletop exercise {in futility} shortly before the lite brite campaign of abject terror, I knew that a response such as this was only a matter of time. I witnessed witlessness on a mass scale - I know where the WMDs are - in the vast space between the ears of Boston's "finest" and "bravest". heh