Twelve Good Minutes of 60 Minutes About the West Bank Occupation……

No doubt, I'll be accused of being an anti-Semitic Jew or something, but the two videos of a 60 Minutes segment (posted below) are worth watching:

Part 2:

And before the Likudniks blow a gasket, the founders of this country rose up against the British, and several of the grievances were:

For quartering large bodies of armed troops among us:

For protecting them, by mock trial, from punishment for any murders which they should commit on the inhabitants of these states:

For cutting off our trade with all parts of the world

Just something to think about.

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And those settlers are former Eastern Europeans. I've met a number of them in my state, very pushy people.

I think Israel is headed for a very hard time.

You're not an antisemite, you're just horrible misinformed. Just the fact that you claim there is an occupation at all show's how little you know. There is no occupation whatsoever. Land Israelis are on is theirs under any possible interpretation of international law. The Israelis when attacked are targeting military targets while the Palestinians are specifically targeting civilians.

These are the facts, and if you looked at evidence besides the Hamas we-perfected-using-the-media propaganda you would understand that. How could you dare criticize the Israelis when they are fighting against terrorist, yet support the terrorists?

And you think of yourself as a skeptic, as a scientist should be? Skeptics are concerned with the evidence and the truth. Now I'm sure I'd get the "you must be a Jew and think you are the chosen people" thing. Well, I'm not. I'm a liberal atheist who thinks religion is the bane of society, yet is disgusted by the ideological hatred of Israel by my fellow ideological brothers and sisters. It makes me embarrassed to call myself liberal.

Well Jerome at least you didnt call Mike an antisemite..."yet is disgusted by the ideological hatred of Israel by my fellow ideological brothers and sisters,/i>"...directly.


That bank manager is certainly involved in launching rockets at Sderot.[/snark]

-Actually, according to UN resolution 242, the occupied territories are not "Israel's". But keeping making stuff up.

-And the settlers who are, in contravention of Israeli law, taking and squatting on Palestinian-owned land, that's combatting terrorism?

Lord, you're an idiot. And by the way, I'm Jewish you moron. After eight days, I was circumcised and brought into the House of Israel. That, however, did not require my joining the Likud Party.