Best Vampirology Lecture EVAH!

And if this ever becomes part of a movie, I would give the lecture for free. This is brilliant


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If I'm reading this right you don't seem to have come across Peter Watt's before. You have to take some time to read his books, pretty hard core SciFi but strongly grounded in hard science. This is (in some way) related to the themes on evolution, intelligence and sociopathy that is at the core of his last book - Blindsight. I think he used it as part of some publicity events. In any case, great author, strongly recommended. You have to love fiction that concludes with dozens of pages of references to current scientific papers and research on the concepts underlying the plot.

By Joe Mansfield (not verified) on 21 Feb 2010 #permalink

Peter Watts's work is about as dark as science fiction gets - and quite wonderful. He has posted most of his work as free (CC licensed) PDFs:
but buy them anyway.
Especially Blindsight and Starfish.