See Scott (Brown). See Scott Beg (from Koch. For $$$). Beg, Scott, Beg

Republican Massachusetts senator Scott Brown is such a disgrace, he can't even beg for money correctly:

At the public dedication of MIT's David H. Koch Integrative Cancer Institute last Friday, Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) effusively thanked conservative billionaire David Koch for supporting his election in 2010 and made a plea for help in his re-election campaign next year....

BROWN: Your support during the election, it meant a, it meant a ton. It made a, it made a difference and I can certainly use it again. Obviously, the uh . . .

KOCH: When are you running, uh, for the next term?

BROWN: '12.

KOCH: Oh, okay.

BROWN: I'm in the cycle, I'm in the cycle right now. We're already banging away. But you guys should all be very proud. I mean this is amazing. I've actually taken the tour and uh just the things you aim to attack this issue is, is huge.

Maybe he could hit people up inside of churches or something.

Way to keep it classy, Senator.


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When someone like Brown actually believes in the Republican dogma that only the wealthy and big corporations count and the goal is to fuck over everyone else, then he knows he can't appeal to most people using logic or reason, so he has to pander in the gutter.

By NewEnglandBob (not verified) on 27 Mar 2011 #permalink

I think little Scotty hasn't yet quite understood how that game is played - they got him into office, now they want to see some kind of return on investment before they'll support him any further. If he doesn't manage to get his union-busting deal nailed down soon, he'll only be sunk costs to the Kochs...

By Phillip IV (not verified) on 27 Mar 2011 #permalink

Begging for money at the opening of a cancer center?
From now on, when he visits schools, he should try to get the kids to chip in some of their lunch money.

Juice @ #4:

Gee Phillip, I didn't realize Scott Brown was interested in busting unions. This sounds like a new thing for him since he was endorsed by unions last election.

Well, police unions are something of a special case, aren't they?

By Phillip IV (not verified) on 27 Mar 2011 #permalink