I'm Ready for the Hurricane...

...I've got water, flashlights, batteries, and my list of who gets cannibalized first when civilization disintegrates. I'm not sure how you prep this for the hurricane though:

(corner of Berkeley and Marlborough, First Church in Boston)

And I hope these guys survive:

(Boston Public Garden)

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I'm ignoring it. Back when I was doing undergrad in FL, they didn't even cancel classes unless it was a high Cat 2. I went swimming in a local swamp during a Cat 1, and slept through the first quarter of Hurricane Andrew when I was a kid in LA.

Take it from a Southerner, New Englanders don't know what real storms are. All we'll see is some rain, some modestly high winds, and a lot of people ashamed of how panicked they got.

Besides, the eye is already over land. Once that happens, the storm begins to weaken *fast*. I doubt we'll even see winds over a mere 50 mph.

Well, my main worry is that even though the winds won't be very strong by Florida standards, they'll be stronger than anything my old house has had to withstand since it's gotten old. Natural selection hasn't been working to strengthen windows up here, and I'd prefer if it didn't start this month.

That, and the possibility of a big storm surge making things interesting (and wet) . . .

By Physicalist (not verified) on 27 Aug 2011 #permalink

Mokele - word: blizzard. We may not know hurricanes, but we laugh our asses off at Southerners trying to deal with snow.

Yeah, like Tony my house (in Somerville) has been through all the biggies in the last 100 years too. Not too worried about the physical damage to it.

More concerned about the power outages, downed lines, inability to move around for a few days.

The soil is already so soaked right now, and this is just the first band of rain. I think we are gonna lose trees. I took some photos of the lovely tree-lined bike path on Friday, wondering how it will fare.


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