Not Too Much Storm Damage in Back Bay, Boston

Fortunately, Irene just ended up resembling a bad nor'easter, but without the cold temperatures (or snow). We had high winds from about 9:30 - 10:30am, and if they had become progressively worse (as was predicted), it could have been pretty ugly. Didn't turn out that way thankfully. In fact, it looks very clean out there. Still some clean up is needed:

(Exeter Street, between Boylston and Newbury)

Presumably, they're slurping stuff out, and not putting stuff in? Lots of busted up trees:

(Commonwealth Avenue)

Note the little guy in the planter. More trees destroyed:

(Commonwealth Park, at the corner of Clarendon St.)

Kinda sucks because that tree was planted in memoriam. The Public Garden wasn't hit too bad--unlike last year's summer storms, the really big trees survived. Still lots of cleaning up to do:


Some of the pretty plants in the Garden didn't fare too well. Before:




But not every tree in the Garden got off scot free either:


And another one is damaged:


Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!

(Boston Public Garden)

Back in Commonwealth Park, two more split trees:

(Right by Arlington Street)


(between Fairfield and Gloucester)

I saw this morning that the tree in front of Old South Church got crushed--amazingly, the scaffolding surrounding the ongoing repair survived:


Finally, still more people on Commonwealth Avenue who don't understand that watering the lawn thing very well:

Overall, it could have been much, much worse in the Back Bay.


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Yeah, across the river in Cambridge it wasn't too bad--some tree damage in the neighborhood, but our lights stayed on (and the sump pump!). I think the storms from the outer rain bands on Saturday were worse. We got lucky, I guess that the storm moved inland far to the west of us. Not so lucky for western Mass and Vermont, though; some bad flooding.