Dulcin (A sweetener that's dangerous for sure)

Whenever I mention artificial sweeteners, it seems to rouse a fight about what's safe, what's not, saccharin this, Stevia that. Around the time saccharin was discovered, another sweetener came on the market: dulcin.


I'm not sure how dangerous it is relative to saccharin - it was banned due to putative carcinogenicity, which the warning label touts as one of saccharin's dangers as well. If you take a look at refused FDA imports from China, you can see that some food imports are rejected because of their dulcin content!

I am told the fact that every shipment in that link containing dulcin was also marked "filthy" is coincidental.

A Journal of Chemical Education Article shows how to make your very own dulcin from Tylenol as an undergrad lab experiment. One hopes too many curious students didn't have a taste.


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Just because it's not good enough for China doesn't mean it's not good enough for us! Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll get back to my IV-drip of High Fructose Corn Syrup. Mmmmm!

I love how they keep introducing new carcinogens to protect us from the evils of sugar! I'd much rather die from a tumor rotting my insides than a fat ass!

we're all going to die of tumors anyway. Cancer rates are only going up because detection is going higher. It's like saying stop using computers because computer viruses are on the rise. Nobody says stop eating sugar. If you don't want to be a fat ass, then get up and exercise. 5 miles running, thrice a week.

Joel.. you watch the colbert report don't you?....High Fructose Corn Syrup

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