Carbon Disulfide (Some usually non-stinky sulfur)

CS2 is kind of a neat molecule - it's the sulfur analogue of carbon dioxide.


It has more in common with other small organic solvent molecules than it does with dry ice (although it will react in some of the same reactions as CO2). Purportedly it doesn't smell at all when pure, or sort of ethereal (one commenter claimed awhile back sp2 sulfur in general didn't smell). However, there's usually some stanky impurities in there.

It's also crazy flammable.


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From the top of my head, CS2 is the one you can pour in your palm, and set ablaze: very neat "magik" trick.

CS2 has low combustion heat, and vaporises as it heats itself, protecting your hand.

Neat trick, again.

In an attempt to get CS2 "clean" it was distilled through a Vigreaux column (strain out the lumps) then redistilled through a hollow column lightly packed with bright copper wool. OTOH the final product did not have a strong or inaesthetic odor. OTOH it was purple the next day. How many copper(I) complexes are volatile at 50 C?

It dissolves white phosporous nicely. If you soak some cloth with that solution it will spontaniously ignite after a while, after the CS2 evaporated. To make sure it works you should try this in summer or add some energy by waving the cloth.

THAT is a neat trick ;o)

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