Cyprodenate (An oddity)

Cyprodenate is an old antidote for benzodiazepene overdose:


It is a relatively rare drug that doesn't have a single aromatic ring - steroids are the broad class of exceptions that come to mind. It looks like this is some sort of cholinergic compound, but that's just an educated guess. Doesn't look like anyone uses it anymore, except some of the "smart drugs" crowd. Anyone know anything about it?


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Had to look this up, because I have never seen it used in hospital as a rescue drug. Apparently it is a stimulant - about as good as giving a drunk a cup of coffee.

Now we use flumazenil, a GABA antagonist, instead.

flumazenil is specifically a benzodiazepene antagonist, not a GABA agonist, right? The difference being that it only blocks GABA potentiation when a benzodiazepene is present...So theoretically it should have no effect in the absence of a benzo

By Vince Noir (not verified) on 11 Nov 2008 #permalink

oops...make that "...not a GABA antagonist..."

By vince noir (not verified) on 12 Nov 2008 #permalink

You can use Cyprodenate as a treatment in people who got intoxicated with antidepressives.

PV - I think you may be confusing cyprodenate with cyproheptadine. The latter drug has antihistaminergic and antiserotonergic effects and is sometimes used for the treatment of serotonin syndrome (eg. due to SSRI antidepressants).