Any undergrads out there into SEM?

Going through emails, I came across a request from ASPEX to link to a scholarship they're offering. $1,000 and "an opportunity to co-author a poster with ASPEX at Pittcon 2010." If you are an undergrad thinking of applying for this, going to Pittcon might be worth more than the $1,000. You couldn't ask for a better analytical chemistry meeting to attend, and this could be a great place to find a job or grad school advisor.

Also, if you have something you'd like to see SEM'd, they'll do it for free (although you have to be OK having it out there for the world to see).

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How can I find out more information about this? I am soon to be a junior in a undergraduate program

By Peter Rosenbohm (not verified) on 01 May 2009 #permalink